360-degree VR experience with Nicole Kidman

Virtual reality has changed the tech world tremendously, making the virtual world more appealing to the audience than ever before. The countless pros, which come packed in one VR set, have been used by professionals and beginners all over the cyber space. Thus far we have seen usage of VR equipment in movie making, live streaming, gaming, 3D simulations and many more. With ease of usage and minimal requirements VR now is taking one more step towards success as we were presented the first ever VR commercial, as the first worldwide VR usage in promotional causes.

Recently we were given the opportunity to fly across the world, with Nicole Kidman as our companion in the new commercial for the Airbus A380. Maybe, not a big shocker the VR has made it to advertisements, but still quite a big leap for this embark of technology.

The four-and-a-half-minute advert, recorded with special equipment, shows the power of VR giving the viewer a close up, insight look of the interior of the new A380 Airbus. Kidman as a centered figure in the video flies to Abu Dhabi, while rehearsing her lines and getting ready for her thing. The video also includes other passengers, seated in the luxurious Airbus and many more facilities and insiders on the quality of the new A380.

The production behind the video, the Media Monks company, filmed the advert using a camera rig, with 6K resolution, 360 degree rotations angles, and special lenses to capture and give the best effect for the purpose of the video.

All in all, this is a one of the best ways VR has been implemented up until today. VR technology is for sure great way to show every detail in new released products, such as houses, bars, planes, in this case, and it won’t be any surprise if we see a lot more of this VR commercials in the next few months and even years. Though this commercial can both be vied with or without VR equipment, if you travel a lot and want a ‘’real’’ in sight feel of the Airbus use the VR headsets, compatible both on iOS and Android, as you might find yourself the new faster and better flight to the desired destination.

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