VR Lovemaking

3 Reasons to Add a Bluetooth or App Control Vibrator to Your
Adult VR Experience

If you’ve dabbled in adult VR, you know that it can be a great way to get even more involved in solo sessions. You can also use it to enhance long-distance relationships, making it seem even more like your partner’s actually there with you. Whether you’re going at it solo or using it to connect with your partner, however many miles away they are, a Bluetooth or app control vibrator can make the experience even better. Here are the top three reasons why.

1. It Gives a Partner Control

If you’re in a long-distance
relationship, an app control vibrator is a great option in general. It gets
even better if you’re using VR to enhance that long-distance relationship.
While phone sex and sexting are a good way to spice things up a bit, they’re
nowhere near the experience of actually having sex.

An app control vibrator uses Bluetooth to connect to an app, which can then be
manipulated anywhere your partner has a solid internet connection. Then, they
can be the one in charge, lending a much more interactive feeling to your
long-distance intimacy.

2. Wireless Connections Are Better Suited to VR

Using a traditional sex toy, like a masturbator or vibrator, can be a bit awkward with adult VR. It generally requires you to use it yourself, which probably isn’t the scenario you have loaded up in your VR headset.

Wired vibrators can be better because they’re generally controlled with just a few buttons, but even that isn’t a perfect solution because when you’re in VR, you can’t see the real world around you. If you get tangled up in those wires, you have to stop and take yourself entirely out of the scenario.

Wireless vibrators that connect using Bluetooth or app control can be easily used to enhance whatever you’re creating in your VR world.

3.  You’re More
Likely to Be Fully Immersed

If you’re using VR to enhance your masturbation sessions or long-distance sex scenarios, you’re probably doing it because you want as much immersion as possible. A Bluetooth or app control vibrator is the best way to immerse yourself completely.

If you’re with a partner, they can take complete control and add an element of surprise that’s usually not present in long-distance sex. If you’re by yourself, you can personalize everything, tailoring it to your tastes and the VR experience you’ve chosen.


Adult VR can be an incredible experience, and if you haven’t tried loading some steamy components into your headset, you might want to try it. You can act out your fantasies in the safety of virtual reality, whether those fantasies involve your partner or they’re solo fantasies that you’ve never tried to bring into the real world. No matter why you’re using it or who you’re using it with, invest in a Bluetooth or app control vibrator to take your experiences to the next level.

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