Android DAYDREAM new platform designed for VR

By far Android DAYDREAM might be the biggest news in the world of virtual reality!

With the recent growth of VR technology and the new innovative way of looking at the surroundings, the virtual era is unfolding right now. With many devices and applications connected to this piece of technology, we can definitely say that VR has only scratched the surface of it’s possible usage.

With the countless number of devices connectable to both smartphones and computers, today Google’s developers made a huge leap into the world of virtual reality.

Big news for all the Android Virtual Reality users!

At the Google’s I/O event, held yesterday in San Francisco, the company announced the highly anticipated, specially designed platform and ecosystem that is solely build for Virtual reality and will be part of the new Android N.
The new platform is called Daydream and will be unlike anything offered on the market right now.

In the event, Google stated that developers are working hard on making this feature available as fast as possible, and will definitely be featured in the new Android N.

Andriod N

Daydream is going to be built around the already made Daydream hardware and will be optimized to the Daydream VR applications, also. The team is also working on developing the daydream app, revealing no more details on how the whole process is going and we can exactly expect all this new changes.

Which phones will support the new Android Daydream software?

Google’s VR chief Clay Bavor teased the press, as to which phones we can expect to be Daydream friendly, though the list might include more manufacturers as the software is still being worked on.

As of this moment the list consists of 8 manufactures which are so called “Daydream ready” for the whole new experience of virtual reality.

The list is as follows:

• Samsung
• LG
• Mi
• Huawei
• Asus
• Alcatel

The main advantage this phones will have, are features such as: higher resolution screens that will enhance the overall VR experience, powerful sensors and faster response display timers.
The only surprise here is the Samsung’s interest in this new software as they already have their own VR platform, but the only thing we can do is wait and see how both Daydream and the Gear VR platforms will coexist.

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The Daydream applications

Last but not least, the whole new Android Daydream software is said to have new adapted applications based on the already existing apps in the google application store right now.

The list of applications includes:

• Play Movies
• Google street view
• Photos
• YouTube

And many more, as the development is still in process, so the list is going to grow as the software advances in the later stages.
The software guarantees better and higher quality of VR experience with numerous needed enchantments that are going to give better results.
The changes overall are aimed to give better experience and grossly affect the capabilities of the predecessors, resulting in better VR environment.

Final thoughts:

With so many new changes that they introduced in this event the software is nothing but complex. Overall it is exceptions news for all Android VR users and this is a platform directly aimed for the new generations of Android based phones. If all these things come in one simple to use software VR will see even bigger ramp up of sales and more joining users, for sure.
We will only have to wait and see Android Daydream software when it comes out and if it is as Google says it will be rather sooner than later.

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