Bandit Six for Gear VR Coming Soon

By now Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is unquestionably acquiring a satisfying quantity of support from game designers. Gamers have a pretty good assortment of games to choose for this device, and they can expect more by the time.


As it is recently announced, Climax Studio will publish new game created for Gear VR named Bandit Six. Just like the name says, this will be game with the war action. In more details, the game is based on World War II. While playing this game user will be in charge of a dome on a bomber aircraft, and the main task is to protect it from the opponents during the bombing actions.

This game concept is perfect to be used on the VR devices because there are enemy planes coming from all directions trying to destroy your bomber. The game is full of action to deal with since other planes infest to the bombers flank with aim to trample it down and thwart the mission.

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Even if the foes do not shot you down if the bombing isn’t successfully completed you will lose. This means that protecting your plane is crucial.

When exactly Bandit Six will be released is not known yet. If Climax Studio release this game before the Oculus Rift Marketplace starts to process payments, it will be free in some way.

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