VR Live Streaming

‘’I think that VR live streaming is going to be one of the more compelling use cases for VR that will help bring it to the masses, and one indications of this is that there are more broadcasters starting to stream live sporting events.’’

Said by experts on the VR subject

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360° Virtual Reality Streaming

The VR equipment has shown the world a new perspective of reality, one that for sure is more fun and accessible. With success, coming to us with the speed of light, and new inventions and innovative abilities one is able to enjoy, it is only a matter of time when the VR will indeed become the reality.

With so many devices, that make every moment memorable and special, the VR is now used in industries such as film making and live streaming!

The debate over VR streaming is not new. The first thoughts of VR technology being implemented in streaming were seen back in 2015, but the struggle to make the dream a vivid reality the whole procedure was pushed back and was worked on during 2016.

VR Events / VR Live Stream


That easy?

VR live streaming is one of the new options this embark of technology offers to the user. Now, with a compatible device you can transport yourself, though not literally, and watch the latest movies or sports games. The only thing you need to do is connect your phone, find the appropriate, compatible device that supports live streaming and you are set to go.


While the VR streaming may not be as accessible as we want right now, there are steps taken in the right direction. For the past year NextVR is the company that made the first step, giving the viewers ability to experience the VR live streaming of the NBA Championship Ring Ceremony, US Open Golf Tournament,  ICC North America game between “Manchester United” & “FC Barcelona”…

360° / VR Live Streaming Providers

NextVR | Microsoft Azure | NexPlayer360 | VideoStitch Vahana VR | Wowza | Scopic | Greenfish Labs | Visualise

Although there is a lot work in progress the VR streaming is expected to make it during the next year or so. Projected to be compatible with many VR devices, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive just to name a few, the new reality is closer than ever!

No final thought apart the fact that VR is closer to us than ever before. With so many pros, such as:

The ease of usage
The high quality performance
Implementation in different fields, among the others film and streaming industry
High number of compatible phones and
Advanced and sophisticated reality

The VR equipment is sure going to give another perspective to the user. We’ll just have to wait and see the endless opportunities this device can offer to us!

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