Early Black Friday VR Deals 2017

With holiday season coming get ready for great VR deals. We bring you best Black Friday VR deals, including PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Microspft Mixed Reality devices.

For a whole week this year,we shall be celebrating the Black Friday, and these celebrations begin early next week. All these begin on November 19 to Cyber Monday on November 27.

Oculus Rift in Best Buy

The pair of discount being used to promote the VR headsets is quite tempting. With this promotion, we are most likely to have the busiest shopping week of the year. For just $350, you can be able to purchase the Oculus Rift together with it’s Touch Controllers at Best Buy. This takes effect as from November 23 to 25.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will be selling the Acer VR headset with it’s package Controllers at around $300, starting from November 19. With the Windows-based headsets getting Steam VR support this week, it makes the Acer deal to be very much tempting. The Acer’s acquired Steam support will allow you to be able to play hundreds more titles with your headset.

Last month, the Oculus dropped the headset’s price to around $400 and thus if it happens to reduce it even by $50, there will be a very significant price reduction on a system that enables you to have an access to a great deal of immersive content with everything being on the Steam. We have got no detailed information concerning Vive deals and most likely, by November 24, there will be an emergence of much more discounts, thus there is a high possibility of getting much better deals as we head into the Black Friday.

The pricing of the Facebook’s Oculus specifically has been very aggressive and it is not easy for the company to allow for an undercutting by the Microsoft backed systems. Powerful PCs are also needed for both headsets to operate and definitely there are various package deals you really need to watch for. The deals on those bundles shall be updated to you soon as we get closer to next week.

Black Friday VR Deals on PSVR and PlayStation VR bundles

As you get into holiday spirit, there are some Black Friday VR deals which are quite amazing and we therefore wish to share them with you. First of all, VR bundles for all PlayStation will be provided at the greatest deal at participating retailers. With this, the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle which was recently announced will not be an exception, as it will on go at $299.99 USD(MSRP) while PlayStation VR Skyrim VR bundle will go at $349.99 USD(MSRP).

While you are still at it, you can additionally stock up DualShock for wireless controllers. At participating retailers, all PS4 controllers, the translucent colors which were recently released included, will go at $39.99 USD(MSRP). PlayStation Plus members will enjoy an exclusive early access to some of the greatest deals in the PlayStation Store Black Friday sale as from November 17. However, the nonmembers can still feel the advantage as from November 21 to 28.

Stay tuned as we shall provide you with more details about Black Friday offers in some few days to come. We look forward enjoying another holiday season with you.

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