The Revolutionary Effects of VR in Lesser Known Industries

Virtual Reality is not only being hailed as a literal game changer in the gaming industry; there are many other areas where VR is taking hold, and pushing the field forward. The applications of VR seem limitless in a constantly changing world, where ease and comfort come first, and quality of experience is vital. Let’s take a look at three lesser-known sectors where the potential of VR is being maximised and experimented with.

Real Estate

The world of real estate could be seeing a fundamental shift in the next few years. The days of viewing only one or two houses a day will soon be over, with the implementation of VR. 3-D fly-throughs of houses and office spaces are now being used by Real Estate agents to immerse the client in the prospective property.

Walk-throughs and 3D tours of your next dream home can all take place without having to set foot in them, and without wasting time getting there. This coupled with the potential for huge amounts of room customisation mean you will be able to see what each room looks like with your own personal taste added to it.

360-degree camera technology has already been utilised by some agents to give the customer a walk-through of a property and, when fused with VR, the options available to the customer will change the way we buy houses forever.

Live Entertainment

Online betting and casino gaming have been quick to capitalise on the successes of VR. There are many games online and even on your mobile device that take advantage of virtual reality, from online roulette to online blackjack the full virtual casino world is limitless. The fusion of the two concepts are advancing at a breath-taking pace, and for the live dealer enthusiasts the future looks especially promising, with live streaming, combined with VR, to make live casino games work in virtual reality. This means real-time connections to the casino floor, where the player will be able to place their bets on games such as roulette and blackjack. These developments will change the industry indefinitely and increase the customer experience exponentially.

Image source: Pixabay

Training and Education

Virtual Reality fits perfectly into the world of training and education too. Whether it be medical training, fighter pilot training or in the classroom, the possibilities go on and on. VR takes away the need for one person on one piece of real-life equipment; for example, by just running a programme, hundreds of trainees can access identical equipment, thus, speeding up the training process dramatically whilst cutting overall costs.

Image source: Pixabay

For education purposes, VR presents teachers and students with a more immersive environment, through virtual field trips and teacher customisation. But, with only 5% of teachers in the US using the device at the moment, there is still a long way to go in this field.

What is clear is that VR is being utilised across many industries, that on the surface might not be directly affected by the VR gaming revolution. But it seems, that through more experimentation and success, VR will be well established in a lot more sectors than just gaming, in the very near future.


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