As it’s announced by Samsung last month, Gear VR, virtual reality head-mounted display that is supposed to be used with smartphones, should be on the market in the USA in early December 2014 but that haven’t become true yet.

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The exact launch date of this kit, made in partnership with Oculus VR, isn’t known. Good news are that USA phone carrier AT&T has, in some way, affirmed that the Gear VR will appear in the US stores at the beginning of the next week.

An image of the receipt for a Gear VR distributed at AT&T’s retail store in Merrillville, Indiana, USA was recently displayed on Twitter by the user Mike Fulcher. At this image could be evidently seen that the product is Gear VR and that it costs $199 USD. Receipt also lists shipping. Fulcher declared that after while he received an e-mail confirming that the device had already been shipped and should be delivered on Monday. He also promised that he would post images of the gadget once he gets it.

This sounds like a weird action on Samsung’s part because this company earlier opened a pre-register site to inform costumers when pre-orders would open. So far, there were no alert on that subject and subscription for the list is still open. That means handset producers do not give precise launch dates for their new products, they ship them through a pre-announced window.

This device will be released as an Innovator’s Edition intended to early adopters and developers. There also will be a free store to download demos and short VR content, and later there will be made a full premium store.
source: vrfocus, ign

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