GoPro releases VR video app and livestreaming tool

VR has made it big this year. With variety of different devices optimized to give the client the best experience, the VR technology has for sure flourished and changed the way we see the real world.

Currently one can find more than hundreds headsets and devices, variety of applications and even smartphones that are VR friendly.

Among the many other, GoPro is taking a big step forward with the announcement that they will release their own VR video application and VR live streaming tools. Working simultaneously on their Omni VR rig, the company found the time to introduce their new project, the GoPro VR channel together with its Hero Cast wireless streaming tool.

Omni VR rig

If you are a true VR fanatic, the Omni VR rig is all you need. Before the company stated the exact price, it was said to cost approximately 3000$, but this rumored information turned out to be totally false. The price range for the whole kit will set you back close to 5000$ but with so many components, the specially designed rig and the six go pro cameras, the price might just be worth the price. If you by any chance own enough cameras, there is always the options to buy the rig only which is around 1500$. Though this might seem as expensive, the special hardware in the rag, which makes the six cameras operate at once is quite superior to all the similar rags on the market that are controlled with a remote controller.
If you by any chance still think this is too expensive just take a search for other VR kits that have price range between 15000$ to staggering 60000$.

GoPro VR

The highly expected launch of the GoPro VR finally happened this Monday, the new platform with 360-degree videos. GoPro VR is available on the net, and also the adequate applications for iOS and Android phones were released from 8AM PT. Rebranding of Kolor Eyes — a “spherical content” website and app that GoPro inherited from its purchase of French VR company Kolor, the plaform is not comletely new to GoPro.

In the meantime, while GoPro VR will distribute the content over the web, the company is also going to present its tools for broadcasters at the NAB conference this week. So, one way or another GoPro wants to get its VR content in front of your eyeballs, everywhere possible.

The virtual reality industry is pretty much unfolding its secrets right in front of us. It is only a matter of time when VR will be implemented in everything we do in our life. The countless benefits are all favoring the new and better releases of VR devices. Even though there are so many devices on the market right now, there is not one that has overshadowed the others. Maybe GoPro will be your choice and be sure you won’t make a mistake with that decision.

source: engadget

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