Gunner Trailer for Gear VR Released

A completely new trailer for the approaching Gunner was exposed by UK independent studio nDreams. This content is made for Samsung Gear VR which will be released very soon. The video game is designed as a space battle and the story is placed in the year 2167. The main task is to fight against insurgent threat from the air.



Gunner has been developed from the basis to use superiority of Samsung Gear VR’s distinct characteristic. Game has been designed in a bright art, and it credibly presents quick-fire space fights.



The weapon that player is using in the game is actually an active gun dome which can be aimed by just centering their line-of-sight on the opponent. This game will probably be quick to learn and difficult to master, just perfect for Gear VR launching.


As it is announced the Gear VR should be released in the US any day now, but exact date still isn’t known. Device will launch in Europe in early 2015, and also release date hasn’t been given.


source: vrfocus

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