How to install Pokémon GO | Android and iPhone Setup

Pokémon Go is a revolutionary reality game created by Niantic for iOS and Android gadgets.

Released on 6th July 2016, the game enables you to catch, fight, train and trade Pokémon who emerges all over the real world. The game applies your iPhone GPS to identify your location.

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What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is, basically a game that requires you to go to the real world to catch a Pokémon by moving your avatar in the game. When you encounter a Pokémon, you may view it in the Augmented Reality (AR) feature or use the pre-rendered setting. AR mode uses your phone’s camera to show the image of a Pokémon as if it was in the genuine world.

You can download Pokemon GO for free from the App store for your iphone and Google play store for your Android, but you will also find in-app purchases in the game.

Pokémon GO Plus

To optimally enjoy Pokemon GO, you may use the Pokemon GO plus. This is a Bluetooth device that enables you to move without looking at your smart phone. The plus vibrates when you are near a Pokemon and hence you can press the button to catch it. Pre-order here.

Pokémon GO Android Install Guide

Pokemon is currently accessible only in Australia and in the US but you can experience the game easily via Android Package Kit (APK). By visiting APK Mirror or APKPure or related APK download webs, you can download the 58.1MB Pokemon GO directly to your phone or PC.

To install the game on your phone, open the settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources. Press Pokemon Go in your Downloads to install the game. To install Pokemon Go in your PC, Connect your phone and the PC using USB and move the downloaded file to your downloads.

Installing Pokémon GO on your iPhone

To install the game, you just require an Apple ID registered to the US, Australia or New Zealand and follow the tricks below;

1. Log out your existing Apple ID on your iphone. You can do this by opening the app store, go the bottom of the featured tab page, enter your apple ID and press sign out. Alternatively, go to settings then Apple ID and log out.

2. The next step is to open the Settings app and head to General /language and Region. Choose the Region as either the US, Australia or New Zealand and close the app.

3. Go back to the App store and search for Pokemon. It should emerge but if it doesn’t, you can just download any free app and choose create a new Apple ID if required to sign in.

4. You can then follow the simple setup instructions. Ensure you select ‘None’ in the billing menu which emerges if you had tried to purchase a free app and you are now creating a new account without adding details to a present one. You should then enter an address in the US, Australia or New Zealand.

5. After setting your new Apple ID, return to the Appstore, scroll for Pokemon and download it. You are now ready to go! Sign out your new Apple ID and sign in your usual one. After Pokemon GO is officially launched, delete the app from your smart phone and download it again using your usual Apple ID.

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