Here’s everything we know so far about Magic Leap One

Magic Leap has just unveiled its first AR headset named Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap the multi-billion dollar startup has been working since 2010 to map the physical and digital world together precisely.

They have unrevealed their first AR headset Magic Leap One to the small set of media and journalists under NDA (Non-Disclosable Agreement) contract.

Their first AR headset Magic Leap One: Creator edition is set to start shipping in 2018.

All you need to know about Magic Leap One: Creator Edition

Digitized just got real: Magic Leap has done an excellent job at adding another dimension to computing where digital world works tow to tow with the physical world.

The word Creator in Magic Leap One creator edition says it’s designed for one who wants to change the experience of living in the physical world.

Lightweight: The Magic Leap One is very lightweight and easy to carry around. You can discover the world for hours without any hassle.

The Magic Leap One has been combined with Magic Leap’s Digital Lightfield® technology. It has environment mapping and does precise tracking of the real-world objects.

Enhanced sound: The Magic Leap one has integrated natural sound with the help of soundfield audio. The sound is of high quality and gives you an outstanding experience. It mimics the real world audio based on distance.

That means you will exactly know where does the sound may have come.

Powered by Lightpack performance: The spatial computing platform in Magic Leap One has equipped with high processing graphics and engine. And as it is lightweight you can keep it right by your side.

The chipset is of high fidelity with the performance as fast as high graphics laptop computer. You can simulate any games in the real world whether it is horror or FPS game.

Easy to use Controls: The Magic Leap One contains Force controls and Haptic feedback. This feature makes it easy to navigate and simple to use. The moments are accurately tracked and respond to any complex gesture. You get freedom of six degrees with this AR headset.

Visual Perception: The Magic Leap one has built-in robust sensory which detects your surrounding accurately. Visual Perception allows the DigitalField to interact with both digital and physical world simultaneously.

Unlimited possibilities with what you can be achieved with Magic Leap One: Creator edition

Can you imagine you can make your environment as such that you are sitting on Eiffel tower while making candlelight dinner with your loved one?

But here’s the kicker… Magic Leap One stores everything you changed in the virtual world. Say you put teddy in your kitchen then he will stay there forever till you go and
change its place.

Isn’t that amazing? It is exactly like a replica of the real world where every item you changed stays their until outside energy changes it.

The founder and CEO of Magic Leap company Rony Abovitz writes on his blog, “We will be shipping in 2018, so stay tuned for more events, info on how to buy, the opening of our creator/developer portal, and just more cool and fun stuff.”

Magic Leap One is undoubtedly going to change the playground of VR/AR headset for sure.

The powerful game changer Magic Leap One is certainly turning the gold statement “AR/VR is future” to “AR/VR is present.”

But one thing is clear whatever happens the consumer will be benefited in the end because of high competition and companies race to establish the monopoly.

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