How to play SteamVR games with Windows VR Headsets

People who were waiting for a good reason to buy Windows VR Headsets and were complaining about the limited choices Windows Store offers in terms of immersive reality games can be satisfied now as the SteamVR content is available for Windows Mixed Reality.

You need to follow these quick steps before you’re able to play SteamVR on WMR Headsets.

1. Update Your PC

In order to be able to play SteamVR content, your Windows 10 needs to be fully updated. To check this, you need to navigate your way to Windows Update: Right-click the Start button / Choose SettingsUpdate & Security and then Windows Update / Click Check for updates. If there are no new updates available you’re good to go, otherwise you need to download and install any update.

2. Install SteamVR

In order to install SteamVR, you need to have Steam already installed on your computer.

In the Steam app, hover the mouse over the Library tab and select Tools. Right-click SteamVR and select Install.

3. Install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR

The app can be found in the Steam Store and for the moment it’s available for free as a public preview.

4. Play SteamVR games

Now that you’ve installed everything you need, you can play SteamVR games by following these simple steps:

· Connect your Windows VR Headset to your PC (this will open your Mixed Reality Portal)

· Turn on your motion controllers, but without putting the headset on

· Wait for the Windows Mixed Reality to load and when you can see your controllers, open the Steam app

· Launch the SteamVR game you want to play from your Library

5. Use the mixed reality motion controllers to play SteamVR content

For basic usage: press down on your left thumbstick to open the Steam dashboard; press the Windows button to exit SteamVR and go back to Windows Mixed Reality home. Any other controls are different to every game you’ll play on SteamVR.

wmr controller with steamvr

As Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR was just launched in a public preview version, bugs and issues are to be expected. Windows supports this feature by offering detailed instruction on setting up the SteamVR as well as troubleshooting any problems that might occur.

A new world with a lot of new content opened up for the owners of the Windows VR Headsets as they are now able to play any game SteamVR has to offer. This is a significant step forward and we can only hope is just the first one and we’ll soon be able to enjoy significantly more games in the future.

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