Which Samsung Galaxy phone to buy for Gear VR

galaxy-phones- for-gear-vr

If you are just starting to get the hang of virtual reality and you were wondering what is the best phone for you to use, here are the latest Samsung Galaxy phones that you can try and see which one best fits your Gear VR.

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Samsung Galaxy for Gear VR

galaxy-phones- for-gear-vr

Whether you are new to the VR, or you want to see some of the more advanced options, here are the Samsung Galaxy phones from which you can choose from.

* Gear VR Compatible phones: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge update coming soon…

Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone for Gear VR

This phone is amazing whether you are beginner or advanced user. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the smallest phone from all the above. With the smaller screen the pixel density is high, which means that the quality of the experience is slightly better. This phone is very good for taking high quality pictures and makes it perfect for people who are already well aware of the VR potentials.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 For Gear VR

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, according to the VR users gives you better experience. The bigger screen makes it better for the user to take higher quality photos. With bigger field of view this phone has it is better for the user and makes the working experience much better when compared to the Galaxy S6 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Gear VR

This phone is somewhat same as the Galaxy S6. The features are similar and the all options and quality of experience is pretty much the same. The plus side of this two phones is not the only the high pixel density but also the fact that they are quite light, especially when compared to the Note versions. This phones make it ways to carry and rotate, making your VR experience very satisfying. What is best with this pone is the enormous storage, up to 128Gb which makes it easy to take numerous photos and once and have no worries you will run out of storage.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ for Gear VR

This might be the newest phone you can buy, but together with its predecessor the Samsung Note 5 are not light to carry on your head on daily basis. Though the battery life is better, as the phone itself is bigger, and the build in RAM is higher and has 1Gb ram more the opportunity to do multiple things at the same time is really good to have. If you have a dilemma whether to get the Samsung Note 5 or the S6 Edge, always get the S6 plus. With 20 grams less the overall experience of this phone is great!


Overall if you want a better quality of pictures and higher density of pixels you should go with the S5 or S6 Samsung phones. If the FOV is more important to you than you can get one of the two Note phones. No matter what you choose all the four phones are really great options. You can’t make a mistake buying either of this phones!

Samsung VR Galaxy


Gear 360 Compatibility

Synchronize your Samsung phone with this little baby. Though having a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is preferable, the Gear 360 is also compatible with the older versions like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5. All you need to do is start the Samsung Gear 360 Manager app, and start recording. Together with the Bluetooth connection, you can send and edit photos fast with no fear of losing the footage. And finally you are able to watch your 360’s on Gear VR.


Samsung Gear 360

Don’t let the size fool you! Though the light nature, only 153 g, this camera is capable of more things that you can imagine! With a 15-megapixel camera this little monster has the ability to capture 3840 x 1920 in 30fps. The Samsung’s Gear 360 camera also has two F/2.0 fish-eye lenses making it easy to take 195-degree photos and videos.

Compatible devices

Samsung Gear VR

Capture with Gear 360 and relive the moments through your Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone


Check out video taken with Gear 360.

Which Samsung Galaxy phone to buy for Gear VR
Which Samsung Galaxy phone to buy for Gear VR
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