Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Making a big leap with the Samsung Gear 360 camera, Samsung once again managed to show the world how it’s done. With size comparable to a to a baseball and compatibility with Samsung’s S7 phones, now we can enjoy capturing the 360 videos and photos with easy! Make your own virtual world with high resolution photos and videos from your phone.

Capturing fully 360 degrees videos

Samsung Gear 360 – VR/360 Camera


Samsung Gear 360 is made of two 16-megapixel fish-eye lenses. Both have an f/2.0 aperture and are capable of capturing stills and videos. Also there is NFC built for connection to your phone.

*Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and Gear VR

Gear 360 Specifications

Don’t let the size fool you! Though the light nature, only 153 g, this camera is capable of more things that you can imagine! With a 15-megapixel camera this little monster has the ability to capture 3840 x 1920 in 30fps. The Samsung’s gear 360 camera also has two F/2.0 fish-eye lenses making it easy to take 195-degree photos and videos.

Enough space

Storage is not a problem! With a 128GB card this device is able to record footage of approximately more than 7 to 8 hours. Finally, apart from the usually capture modes this camera is able to record time lapse video and has looping video options.


Specifications Gear 360
Camera 2x CMOS 15 megapixel fisheye cameras
Video MP4 (H.265) – Dual Lens: 3840×1920 (30fps)
Image JPEG – Dual Lens: 30M (7776×3888)
Display 0.5” (72 x 32) PMOLED
Weight 153g (including battery)

Gear 360 Compatibility

Synchronize your Samsung phone with this little baby. Though having a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is preferable, the Gear 360 is also compatible with the older versions like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5. All you need to do is start the Samsung Gear 360 Manager app, and start recording. Together with the Bluetooth connection, you can send and edit photos fast with no fear of losing the footage. And finally you are able to watch your 360’s on Gear VR.


Samsung Gear 360 release date and price – Where can I buy the Gear 360?

It is expected to hit the market in Q2 2106. Price is rumored to be $99 same as Gear VR. Official Samsung store and all major retailers will offer Gear 360 Camera.

Compatible devices

Samsung Gear VR

Capture with Gear 360 and relive the moments through your Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone


Check out video taken with Gear 360.


At an affordable price of only 99$ Samsung has really outdone themselves. This camera is perfect for all those out-door fanatics who love to capture every moment. With no complicity and many different options this camera is a warm welcome for any newcomers to the VR world!

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