Samsung introduced 3D virtual reality camera


Virtual Reality isn’t just games and video. That is proved at recently organized theme presentation at the Samsung’s second developer convention in San Francisco.

The company exposed a few new products and tools for developers. Particularly, more fresh information was given about futuristic health tracker and a 3D camera for Samsung Gear VR.

“Project Beyond” revealed

A 3D camera for the VR headset is called “Project Beyond” and it is in experimental phase for now. This VR camera is capable to shoot and live stream a gigapixel at second.

Samsung Gear VR will be released in early December 2014. But developers can already write in to get this device. At this time there is just software development kit accessible.

The big opportunity for the company is producing devices that will be used in healthcare, said Samsung president Dr. Won-Pyo Hong who gave more details about the company’s plans at this field.
“We believe healthcare monitoring technology will encourage preventive healthcare”, Hong said.

He pointed out that company already made public some information about Simband wristband for medical use. It will be used for health-tracking and it has the open source platform Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (SAMI). First it will be available to developers, and that will be soon, but actual date of release isn’t known yet. Developers now can get their hands on APIs and software development kits that were announced earlier.

Among the presented devices is a new Advanced S Pen stylus and software development kit. Developers could also check a “New Look” SDK for the company’s Galaxy Note Edge smartphone that will allow them to make the most of bent screen in their apps.

Samsung revealed a bit about tendency to create Flow, a continuity feature that will join Samsung’s smartphones, smartwatches, and televisions. With the Flow it will be possible, for instance, to check incoming phone calls on the television.
All joined devices, including televisions, refrigerators and ovens will be able to work with the SmartThings platform. Developers will use a Smart Home SDK to create apps for Samsung appliances controlled by smartphones.

Image: Samsung

Samsung introduced 3D virtual reality camera
Samsung introduced 3D virtual reality camera
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