Unreal Engine 4.12 includes VR Editor, OSVR and Google Daydream Support

The most treasured Epic Game’s Unreal Engine has received a major overhaul after an update that has brought in version 4.12 which now supports Google VR Daydream as well as OSVR native support. It also comes with a preview showing the company’s appealing VR Editor, an element that permits developers to use their intuition to build personal 3D application from virtual reality. One of the Epic’s goals was enabling developers to create virtual reality applications from the VR editor itself to elevate and accelerate immense creativity using its Unreal Engine and from the look of things, they have perfectly achieved this.


There are two outstanding key changes from the VR developers that are worth noting. The first change is the VR Editor, which has brought a strong environment for building VR spaces at the same time rolling the VR into the standard binary for Unreal Engine 4. Developers will no longer be required to download the external patch through Github, as it has been since the first rollout of the program at the Game Developers Conference ( GDC) that was held on March this year. It is, however, imperative to note that the VR-Editor is still experimental at this juncture.

The other benefit of the VR-Editor is that it allows you to reduce in proportion spawned items to a size of your choice. This is done by grabbing the items with both hands and then pinching them in or pulling them out. The VR provides you with the ability to scale, rotate and move the whole environment in a similar fashion, allowing you to zoom in so that you can get a close look or zoom out so that you can get a clear view of the entire environment.

Another addition that is worth to note is the Google Daydream head-mounted display (HMD). Apart from the VR Editor, Epic Games also released a plug-in for Google Daydream development at the same time. However, the unreal engine offers support for the unreleased platform as a standard feature.

osvrBesides the upper features, the new UE4 4.12 comes with native support for the platform known as Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) and also the most recent Google VR Daydream initiative that brings the UE4 bang to date with modern and future VR systems.

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