How to use Samsung Gear VR

How it looks like to watch movies on Samsung’s Gear VR, which soon will be released, customers can find out thanks to experiences that Ritchie Djamhur shared last week. After some time, he is with audience again showing a video walk-through on apps for the virtual reality device. He also introduces a few specific settings and features.

Although a release date is marked as “early December” the device hasn’t launched yet, but it will any day now. Despite that some of fortunate people have the opportunity to use Gear VR which is made in cooperation between Samsung and Oculus and powered by the smartphone Samsung Note 4.


Ritchie Djamhur introduces Gear VR

One of them is Ritchie Djamhur whose video, published at Ritchie’s Room, shows you how to manage the Gear VR user ambience. Following the video you can come to know the Oculus Home as well as various applications such as Oculus Cinema or Oculus VR Gallery. Djamhur exposes other amusing content, like auto-orientation adjustment that allows you to watch movies in bed.

Ritchie Djamhur lives in Sydney and he is well known as “geek dad”. His passion is to keep track of the latest technology trends and share his thoughts with those who will pay attention. Aside of his website, Ritchie’s Room, he runs a YouTube channel where he’s been investigating the Gear VR.


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