VR Games Discounted on Steam VR Summer Sale

The Steam VR Summer Sale is the first of the year and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Who doesn’t love the thrill and excitement that is brought about by VR games. Well, your wait is finally over thanks to the latest launch of the VR headsets. Not only do you get yourself the latest and trendiest pair of headsets, but also become part of the latest craze.

In addition to being the first launch for this summer, you also get a chance to enjoy crazy prices and amazing offers.

Valve announced Steam VR summer sale

Gamers have been looking forward to an improved and more entertaining VR gaming experience and this is what the sale is about. And to take the gaming experience a notch higher, the VR games and hardwares are being offered at greatly reduced prices. Starting from June 23 until July 4th, gamers who use Steam, Valve’s most popular gaming platform can grab the latest and their preferred titles. In addition, they get to enjoy greatly reduced prices which go a long way in making the Steam VR Summer Sale worth the time, money and effort.

However, there is no guarantee that all deals will last until the end of sale. The items are flying off the shelves quite fast and it’s all about taking advantage of the sale the earliest possible.

Listed below are the top picks for Vive and Rift owners. Both offer a handful of titles that are worth looking at even though HTC Vive has the wider selection of the two. Nonetheless, the best you can do is going through the list and making your choice. Remember, you will enjoy the great deals and bargains while stocks last. source: uploadvr

Top VR Games

VR Games in the Steam Summer Sale

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