Yi Halo is the favorite camera for VR filmmakers

VR technology is taking over the entertainment industry. The success or failure of this technology depends on how unique and quality it is. This is why VR filmmakers consider which camera they use to deliver a better video quality. The 360 degree experience should be made in such a way that the video and sound quality is much more interactive compared to other ways of watching.

Currently VR filmmakers are finding the Yi Halo to be one of the best cameras to work with. This article will seek to explore the features and find the reason why this camera has an advantage over the others available in the market. By end of the article you should get to better understand the camera and why it is preferred making your decision on its quality.

Yi Halo VR Camera

The camera was made in collaboration between Google and the Chinese company Yi Technology. This is a professional camera which was built to work with the VR platform that Google built in 2015. Google’s platform is called Jump is helping solve a lot of the issues that are experienced in the VR industry.

It provides a server for where filmmakers can do stitching of high resolution content . With also a provision for ringed cameras. Being in the Jump platform has certainly given the camera an advantage over its competitors. From all the reviews available online filmmakers are really loving the camera. Apart from the Jump platform availability the features are also top notch.

Features and Specs

One of the major features of the Yi Halo is the Jump platform. The platform enables filmmakers to stitch content easily especially with the convenience of the server space. The camera also has a compatible smartphone application from where you can control it. You also have the option of using the touch screen control. The availability of the rig enables one to mount a camera and take 360 degree videos which is observed directly above the viewer when using a VR headset.

The specs are quite impressive with the camera uses 2 overlapping lenses which take at 220-degrees. Comes with two sensors which are 12 megapixel. You can live-stream your content over WIFI with quality at 2.5K footage at 30 frames per second. For stitching the camera provides an Ambrella chip for processing.


Here are some of the reasons and views why different filmmakers prefer the Yi Halo.

Ryan Thomas, the co-founder at SubVRsive

Recommends- the Yi Halo

”The most important feature that should be available on a 360 degree camera should be the quality of the imagery. This camera certainly qualifies in terms of the quality it provides. That is why we have used it in most of our filming. On our recent series Austin City Limits we filmed almost entirely using 6 of this type of camera. The Jump platform was really helpful when it came to stitching the content. Especially with the high specs of the project we were able to accomplish”

Henry Stuart, the CEO , co-founder of Visualise

Recommends- the Yi Halo

”When it comes to stereoscopic this is the camera that does it for me. With the update to Google Jump 2 is has brought a new era when it comes to the platform. It allows one to stitch well on the server as compared to other platforms. Plus the camera can be controlled from a smartphone app has made it have an advantage over the other 360 degree cameras we use. The rig is quiet light and easy to work with”

Duncan Ransom, CEO The Endless Collective

Recommends- the Yi Halo

”My sole liking towards the camera has to be the simplicity it brings during the stitching process. The cloud platform has solved the stereo stitching workload that is really hinders us from finishing work on time. With the Jump platform now we can deliver on time. These advantages have made the Yi Halo be one of our favorite camera to work with”
As seen these filmmakers surprisingly have a lot to relate to when it comes the Yi Halo. They seem to really love the Jump platform which has really been a positive for the camera helping a lot when it comes to stitching.

The quality of shots has also been quiet praised and as seen from the professionals who use it have given really positive reviews. Though it may be a bit more expensive than the others in its category the camera surely delivers on its promise.

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