Best adult VR apps for watching porn in VR [NSFW]

Lets find the Best adult apps in VR to improve your sex life

Technology is advancing and entertainment is not being left behind with VR being one of the new developments. VR enables one to view videos in 3D quality hence making it seem more real. Porn is capitalizing on VR to give its customers a better experience and increase the audience hence it is becoming one of the major driver of VR technology. Adult sites have even introduced a VR category where you can download or stream videos in VR mode.

These sites are assured to have more people login into it. So if you are a porn fan this is good way to better enjoy. Various adult VR apps are available online that allow viewing of porn in VR. This article will cover 3 of the best apps available.

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Badoink VR

The company is fully focused on making VR adult videos. Focusing on only the VR side of porn has led to the success of the site to become one of the best adult VR apps. It saw a huge gap in this area and became fully dedicated to it. Many people now identify VR porn with Badoink. It made a good move at the beginning by supplying the market with 20,000 free VR cardboard googles as a trial. This established its audience with many people getting the opportunity to see how VR porn is. But for now the company makes money by charging a fee to view the videos however you can check out a teaser of video your interested in.

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There are so many videos available on the site with every genre represented. The site is well designed with videos divided into their various categories. Making it easier for people to find their desired porn taste. Badoink has gone all in with VR even giving offers to send VR headsets for people who subscribe to the site. Hence being one of the sites helping in the growth of VR in a major.

VirtualReal Porn

For those seeking convenience and full accessibility then this is the app you need. Using the virtual reality player you can get to view videos with almost every type of VR headset. This is a positive for the company since it caters for a huge number of people. You can stream or download a wide category of adult videos. Every video that fits into your preference is available for you. However, this comes at a cost since you have to pay a subscription fee. It is well categorized so that it is easy to navigate.

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It also allows one to search in various ways by length,date or even by tittle you can also filter the results. Hence the site has made it easy to get your needed video among the thousands. Making it one of the best in providing VR porn.

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Pornhub VR

Pornhub is one of the leading porn sites on the internet having a huge audience. Millions of videos in different categories are available to watch without the need of a subscription. Though Pornhub has been hosting 2D videos for a long time they have gone along with the trend and venture into VR. The site has even set aside a category on its site that has only VR videos. Where you choose to watch either pro or amateur porn and the duration. Being one of leading site in the industry this has really allowed the growth of VR. More people now are using the site all because of the VR category. Normal videos in 2D are still available hence the site is diverse having a taste for everyone. It may have been a gamble for such a huge site to get into VR but it seems to be paying off with the technology gaining acceptance all around.

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VR is the way to go for any porn site or app. In coming years this will be the category that will be driving porn. With the rest of the entertainment industry such as movies getting into VR this will be a good move. Major sites have started providing the content now, showing how this technology is affecting porn in a big way. With the VR headset now you can enjoy your videos in 3D from the comfort of your home.

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Depending on which VR headset you are using there are many ways you can watch VR porn.

How to watch VR porn on Gear VR

Gear VR proved you can watch porn in virtual reality. All you have to do is download or stream your porn VR video, open the video in a video in an enabled third party app . Now put on the gear VR and enjoy. Read detailed guide

How to watch VR porn on PlayStation VR

Using a PlayStation VR to watch porn is one of the most common ways. All you have to do is download your VR porn video on a flash drive, plug it into your PlayStation console open the video using a media player app. Watch your video by turning on the PlayStation VR then choose the VR mode on your controller using option button. Read detailed guide

Best adult VR apps compared

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