Darknet – Gear VR retro hacker game

After recently announced games designed for Samsung Gear VR like Land’s End by USTwo, Temple Run VR by Imangi Studios, theBlu from Wemo Media, Anshar Wars by OZW, Oculus’ Herobound, and VR Quest one more game is previewed – Darknet by creator of the game Auralux.


Considering that AT&T informed public that Samsung Gear VR is available in the US it’s certain that it will be more new titles for this device.

Darknet Launching on Gear VR

Darknet is made by indie game designer E McNeil who has been working on this project for more than a year. Videogame lovers can download it for free from Darknet’s website, and it will be available on the VR app store for $10 USD as soon as first adopters have received their Gear VR.

This strategy game about hacking gives a player amazing 3D experience that reminds of old movies such as the Lawnmower Man, Hackers, Tron and Matrix. For those who are know a bit about old school hacking and previously mentioned movies this will be amusing retro-future experience.

The story is about getting ahead of security, release viruses, and crack codes on a VR computer network. This strategy-puzzle game, made just for the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR, could be finished by clever using hacker tools.

The device provided Virtual reality gaming but it’s not the best one. That’s because Samsung Gear VR is an Innovator Edition at this time. Developing final version, Oculus and Samsung will do the best to make the Dark Net perfect experience.

Download Darknet Demo
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