Doom VFR Tips, Cheats And Mods

Doom VFR tips, tricks and cheats guide

Choose your Access to Reality

Spend some time to identify what is the best VR choice. Many will be choosing between PSVR and HTC Vive. Vive allows you to turn full circle which is not available with PSVR.

Neither set up is necessarily better than the other but with PSVR you do have the Aim controller which gives you more of the feel of having a gun, as well as joysticks, which are not available on the Move controller. These will allow you to use the Dash function and turn more easily.

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Go Hard

Be prepared to try the higher levels of difficulty. Doom VFR has been designed to allow you to learn so if you are willing to accept those deaths not only will you get to play longer you will also feel like you really are improving your skills. Just make sure you keep moving or you will have Doom’s horde swarming down on you. Just remember that you will get trapped, you will get shot, you will be surrounded, you will die unless you keep moving.

Telefragging is Good for You

Telefragging will keep you alive. It really is quite a disgusting process but by teleporting into and exploding your enemy from the inside you boost your health points and in Doom VFR those health points will always be useful.

Spread the Pain

When in battle do not spend too much time just focussing on one enemy or you will find that other ones are sneaking up on you and you just will not be ready. It is tempting to finish the job on one of the big guys but you are better to be roving the fighting zone and switching weapons to get maximum effect.

And if you find that a weapon has run out then do not forget it has a secondary function. There may still be something that you can throw at the horde to do some serious damage that you had forgotten about in the heat of battle.

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Choose the Right Key

It is possible that there is a key enemy amongst the horde and you may need to identify them and try to kill them quickly. They may not be the biggest or the most terrifying looking but by taking them down you will give yourself a much better chance of surviving the battle.

The demons who are at the lowest level may come at you in large numbers but they are rarely a major threat. There are many others that should be dealt with before considering these. By saving them for later in the fight you can actually use them for quick kills which could boost your health.

Dash Dash Dash

This is the function that allows you to move quickly within the battle. You can use it almost as a weapon as well and it will give you the chance to not only move away from your enemies but also to find a better position to attack. It may be a little jumpy but it does move you fast.

And Go Slow

Dipping into the slow motion of time dilation will be helpful if you need a little time to change weapons and reposition yourself in the heat of battle. Having a break from the frantic pace of the fighting might even give you just a moment of breathing space so that you are ready then to dive into that frenzy all over again.

Avoid the Temptation

You will be tempted to grab power-ups when you see them but it is a better strategy not to grab them immediately. They will occur in every big battle and you need to remember that the fights will escalate so hold off on using these power-ups until demons requiring more firepower are making their presence felt.

Try to hang on to your powerful weapons too. You might find yourself struggling in a fight but if it gets worse then you are going to be really struggling if you do not have any of your powerful weapons left.

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Teleport and Reset

Teleportation will reduce the sickness you can feel when moving through the game so be prepared to use it. It will also give you a few seconds of respite from the game, so take advantage of it to reset the most important part of your armory, your brain.

You can hold down the teleport button to give you a little extra time to see where you need to go which is very useful when there is some
serious fighting going on and you might need to find a place where you can do some damage yourself.

Upgrading Works

When you have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons you will see an immediate benefit when you go into the next battles. Take advantage of your upgrades to enable you to make a greater impact on those demons.

But wait, there is more

Once you have finished the campaign then do not forget to go back to the main menu where you will find that there have been some maps from the old Doom games that have been unlocked for you to explore.

No Cheating

As with many games being developed, there are no Easter eggs and no cheat codes.

It’s a Mod Mod World

If you have the PC version then you are already able to take advantage of two mods that have been developed to make movement within the game smoother. PSVR already has this with the Aim controller. If you are using the Vive controller a mod has been developed to add vibrations to your gun hand (on the right) and provide you with full locomotion using the left.

For Oculus Rift users there are mods for getting smooth movement and smooth turning.

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