DOOM VFR Update will bring Smooth Locomotion to the PC

DOOM VFR launched on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive to much excitement and acclaim. No launch is without its problems, however, especially when Bethesda are involved. A new update is due for launch that will address some current problems as well as incorporate some new features.

New DOOM VFR update patch was first announced on DOOM VFR Steam community, and was implemented on 30th January, 2018. This update will bring several new features in addition to fixing some problems VFR players had been having.

List of changes, in addition to a note on bug fixes, are as below:

Incorporated Windows Mixed Reality headset support

Resolved a problem with discoloring observed on a variety of HMDs

Incorporated Smooth Locomotion movement speed buttons

Incorporated button for Jump while utilizing Virtual Reality controllers with Smooth Movement on

Incorporated Smooth Locomotion control button

Incorporated toggle for Dash when smooth locomotion is on

Incorporated Weapon Pitch button to vary angle of weapon on controller

Incorporated Jump to Game pad controller scheme

Various bug fixes

Last year, Bethesda spoiled the VR gaming community by adding three of its most liked games into Virtual Reality, with DOOM VFR game being one of them. That being mentioned, the Maryland-based publisher has incorporated a new patch to the PC version of the title, that addresses several problems and introduces a variety of new features.

According to the Maryland based publisher, one of the most important game play changes brought into the virtual reality game is the ability to play via Smooth Locomotion. Aside from incorporating a new control button in the game, several extra details for Smooth Locomotion have additionally been added, such as speed buttons for Smooth Locomotion movement, in addition to a button to jump and dash while using Smooth locomotion.

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Additionally, the DOOM VFR title will now incorporate Windows Mixed Reality headsets, even though there’s still no sign of Oculus Rift support. Responding to DOOM VFR community feedback, a Smooth Locomotion feature has been added,a toggle for Dash when utilizing Smooth Movement, and button to Jump via VR controllers when Smooth locomotion is enabled.

The new game update also incorporates a Weapon Pitch option to fix the angle of your virtual reality weapon, the Jump action being incorporated to the control scheme. Lastly, the DOOM VFR new patch also permits users who have a Windows Mixed Reality headset to play this game (sorry, Oculus Rift owners).

The Jump control has additionally been incorporated to the Game pad controller scheme, in addition to Discoloring problems that had been felt by some VR users on some headsets has been addressed. Some other small bug fixes have additionally been applied.

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The VFR community is mostly approving of the incorporation of Smooth Locomotion, however the persistent lack of Oculus Rift support bringing some frustration with a variety of users, though unofficial support do exist. Others are reinvigorating demands for a left-handed button, noting that DOOM VFR game is currently very tough to play for left-handed players in its current configuration.

The DOOM VFR game got top marks from its review, noting: “Eventually DOOM VFR game stands as a fine illustration of what may be achieved with FPS genre in VR currently, competing against Robo Recall, an action-heavy experience which throws the rules out of the window.”

For further information on the VR title, check out the long PC configuration requirements required to run the game, in addition to its official launch trailer, that features other snippets of game play, also in case you missed it, check out other editorials on DOOM VFR.

DOOM VFR is available on PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC Vive.

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