Top 5 most popular VR Headsets on Gearbest

After years of speculations and few releases of VR devices, the era of virtual reality is now, once again upon us. With numerous expected releases and more than dozens available VR devices on the market, it’s safe to say that this revolutionary invention will become a must in the near future.

The idea of VR devices has been circulating for the past few years. But with the recent breakthrough of technology it has seen a huge improvement. Devices such as the Google’s Cardboard has introduced to the market devices that make your living and daily activities easier and more amusing.

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So, without further ado, here is the list of the top 5 VR headsets you can buy on Gearbest. Keep in mind that the prices do vary and you can choose the product that best suits your budget.

RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Compatible with both android and iOS phones, and adaptable to the dimension of your phone, you can now visualize the 3D picture with quality. With an affordable price at 8.6$ this device can be bought on the online stores on the official Gearbest online site. (comes with an elastic band for 3.5 – 6-inch Smartphone)

3D VR Video Glasses for 4.5 – 6.0 inch Smartphones:


3D VR Video Glasses for 4.5 - 6.0 inch Smartphones

With the 1020 view angle and adaptable to difrent phones sizes, this device can be used for not only visualizing pictures but playing 3D games also. This device will cost you little less than 20$, but the quality and specifications are worth the price.

VR PARK-V2 Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses Headset with Controller


VR PARK-V2 3D Headset

Conveniently made, with completely enclosed design this device is a must have if you want to take secret images. The special design makes this device easy to wear and causes no headaches or dizziness. At a price of 20.99$ this headset will give you the opportunity of visualizing the world where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

ANTVR 3D VR Glass Foldable Helmet


ANTVR 3D VR Headset

With extra-large field of view, and resolution of more than 1minion pixels per eye, this device is one of the best on the market. The adaptable headband, together with the protector of the pupil makes this device very easy and safe to use. It will cost you 25$, which is mediocre when compared to similar products, but these are money worth paying.

LING VR 1S Virtual Reality Head Mounted 3D Video Glasses


LING VR 1S Virtual Reality Head Mounted 3D Video Glasses

This headset is one of the best right now on the market. Although it might be a bit more expensive, costs 43.64$, the build in materials and specifications of this device are higher than average. With an eye adaptable system and Bluetooth controller this device is a must have!

With so many different VR headsets on the market it is hard to choose one that has good quality and comes at a reasonable price. Though, there are many other devices alike the once above, I sure think you won’t make a mistake if you buy one listed here.


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