Sony Reveals PlayStation VR New Titles From Asian Developers

Since the release of the first Sony PlayStation in 1995 by the Sony Computer Entertainment, video game developers have been focused mainly on the game graphics, for the particular console. With every new model of the console, they have put their best effort to reflect the looks of the real world into their video games. Nowadays, the company has managed to bring the reality of their games to a whole new level, with the release of Play Station 4, and its gadget PlayStation VR, which is to be released in October 2016.

13 New PlayStation VR Games

At this year`s Game Developers Conference, and At PlayStation VR Asia Conference, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a number of PlayStation VR games, made by Asian developers. So far, 13 titles have been announced, and the most popular one is a FPS “Project Boundary”. Some of the other PlayStation VR games include, “Unearthing Mars”, which is an adventure game, with a main goal of exploring Mars, made by Taiwanese developers, “Ace Banana”, by the Chinese developers, yet another shooting game, followed by titles Weeping Doll and Dying Reborn, which fall into horror genre. Furthermore, PlayStation VR games revealed by the Asian developers, include “Pixel Gear”, which is posed as a mixture of highly popular game Minecraft and a regular First Person Shooter, “O! My Genesis VR”, “Stifled”, and “Phantom World”, “Bad Bird”, among others

More and more PlayStation Virtual Reality games will follow in the forthcoming months, Sony has announced around 50 VR games, which are to be released before the end of the 2016. However, without any real tryouts on the mentioned console, we can only wonder, how perfect gameplay would be for these games, but undoubtedly, graphics has reached a whole new level, to be exact, virtual reality level, as the console`s name says. Although PlayStation VR hasn’t yet been released, numerous pre-orders have already been made, showing that loyal users of the Sony Playstation, are ready to try their PlayStation VR headset, and with that PlayStation VR games.

Today Sony reveals PlayStation VR play area requirements. VRheadsets3D will keep you updated so stay tuned.

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