Playstation VR Games

Sony Playstation VR is ready for pre-order right now and it is evident that with this device virtual reality on the Play Station 4 is going to be incredible.
According to Sony, Playstation VR consumer version will most likely look different and have other specs. Some of those who had an opportunity to try it, and compare it to Oculus, think that PSVR feels more complete than Oculus. When it comes to looks, main part of device seem perfectly dappered, completed with a dynamic plastic headstrap. It is easy to get it fit and headset is quite secure. Reproach to design is that weight balance should be adjusted, and wires should be relocate.


Playstation VR is equipped with 1080p display and movement nausea is very reduced. The image at the Morpheus is sharp enough but framerate have some stammer, which is a same with Oculus. PSVR device have 90-degree field of vision which is less then Oculus’s 110 degree, but it’s unnoticeable. However, Sony should fix that in final version.
Space simulator Eve: Valkyrie is the game adapted for Morpheus and it’s good to present performances of this device. This game is about dashing through space, enjoying in watching huge spaceships above, dodging the way through asteroid fields, and experience barrel rolls that makes stomach spinning. This could make players a bit nauseous but the device have good clarity and low latency to make the risks of sickness low.
The Deep is Sony’s second demo that can make person really scared. At the beginning of the demo, consumer is in the diving cage under the water near the surface . In this demo is important to stand, and that is one of the fault that Sony should take care of it.
Getting deeper in the ocean things start to be scary – shark began circling the cage. For this demo is characteristic that it is not much of interactive experience, but user can feel VR world by holding a flare and moving it around to lit the cage surroundings. Holding objects and moving them is enabled by Dualshock 4. Next to happen is that shark start to rip into the cage, which was terrifying, and also amazing VR experience.
Demo, the Street Luge is a game that offers a lot of screaming, crawling and lurching, and it makes player feel like he is on a roller coaster without the intensive wind and sensations in body. The luging starts slowly so user can handle the controls. Controlling is actually very simple , for going left lean left and for going right lean right. During the ride cars come toward and player should avoid them leaning left or right. If there is no possibility to go either left or right, player should just slide between wheels of a truck. If player looks up or around he could see the clouds or the mountainside..The main goal is to get to the finish line as soon as it’s possible.
Morpheus Castle is a demo that is meant to demonstrate how Move can be combined with Morpheus. In this demo one should punch a hanging doll. It can be done with transforming your hand into fist by pressing the back triggers. Punch will be released by extend back triggers quickly. Completing the task player gets reward – a sword which can be used to keep hitting the doll. Next weapon is a mace which is also used to destroy the doll. At the end player shoot a crossbow.
In this demo, and also in The Deep there was a disconnect between virtual and real hands, that means there are some technical issues that Sony should work on. And it’s obvious that Sony is determined to clean all disadvantages out before Morpheus hit shelves.

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