Gear VR Games

While waiting for the consumer version of the Gear VR to hit the market, game developers don’t waste any time. Some games for this new Samsung Note 4 accompanist have been already announced .
Future users of this amazing VR-for-smartphone kit will have opportunity to play same games as they do on smartphones, just a bit adjusted. First one that has been released in VR version is a catchy Imangi Studios game – Temple Run. This game puts the player in a world of snow and ice-covered mountains with one mission – run like hell.


Temple run originally was made as a third-person game, but upgrading to VR version it becomes a first-person game, and player should make some actions to play, for example tilting of the head could change the direction of the movement.
A lot of developers have also announced they are working on games for Samsung’s Gear VR. At the list of Gear VR compatible games one could fine titles like Gunner, Omega Agent, Land’s End etc.


LAND’S END – is an adventure designed by USTwo for the Gear VR. For now there is a very few information about this game but its known that players will be enjoying dreamlike trip through avarious forgotten worlds.. USTwo are the developers behind the Monument Valley, game designed for iOS that recently landed on Android. This game should be released in December 2014.

OMEGA AGENT – is a product of Fireproof Games made exclusively for the Gear VR.This game simulate flying a jetpack around city scape trying to solve important missions. The game is set on a remote island training facility for cold-war super-spies.

GUNNER – made by nDreams, developer that is working on two VR based Samsung Note 4 games. Player has a feeling that is inside intergalactic weapon cupola, and his task is to fight the upcoming enemies. This game will show up late this year.

PERFECT BEACH by nDreams is a magnificent trip to perfect place enabled by the power of virtual reality. With this game one could run of everyday life for free.

ROMANS 360 by Side-Kick Games is an adaptation of Romans from Mars. Game is based on playing roll of Roman Soldier, equipped with crossbow and standing against God of War, Mars and his army. Character has elemental powers of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning.

SMASH HIT PLUNDER is Triangular Pixels-Smash another game made for Samsung gear This game lets players explore a dungeon, ln chase of treasure. In this game there is a lot of breaking objects and making a mess, wich feels so realistic that you actualy enjoy it.

LUNASEE by Iridium Studios – It’s concept is to compete to shoot down targets that fly. For accomplishing this task its necessary to use betting mechanic in order to get higher scores. If the player wants to fire energy bursts, he should use the touchpad at the side of the device.
The Gear VR is also compatibile with Oculus Home, Oculus Cinema (for viewing 2D and 3D videos), and Oculus 360 Photos and Videos. These are all beta apps, and they are used to show people what can be done with gear VR.
Otherwise this device loks like avisor used to place 5.7-inch Note 4 inside. The device has stereoscopic 3D display, sensors to track head movements, and an external touchpad.

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