Playstation VR

With gaming experiences, you can discover new worlds

Every step you take towards your entertainment will often reward you with moments of greatness. PlayStation VR headset is here to guide you through the virtual world as you encounter numerous challenges and experiences in the gaming and entertainment world.

Having PlayStation VR puts you to a level where you expect wonders. This VR headset sets a moment where you will stop repeating the always boring games as you embrace the VR headset. With the latest releases like Sony PlayStation VR headset, your entertainment and gaming hit a notch higher.

PlayStation VR

PSVR headset has amazing features well designed to level the current tech world. As you tour your virtual world with PlayStation VR, remember that the following descriptions will make your entertainment a wonder.

What is in the box

In its packaging, you will find a copy of the PlayStation VR world, move motion controllers, a headset, and a PlayStation camera. This new invention offers you an easy demo disc option where you will download free playroom.

With 3-D audio technology, the PlayStation VR will enable you to capture sounds around you with ease. This technology will allow you to aim at your target more comfortable than ever.


Movements have been made easier while gaming as the dual shock 4 pad controller in addition to other motion controllers will do the job.

Additionally, you will find a connection cable, HDMI cable, a USB cable, stereo headphones and a power cord.

10 best PlayStation VR accessories

Getting started

This combination of features together works wonders. They are easy to install and play. PlayStation VR hardware is the best as it has a graphic processor for 3D processing.

PlayStation VR Tutorials

Its powerful hardware enables shareplay and remote play. With the presence of HDMI- out cable, you can connect easily to your screen and watch what’s happening without interfering with the game.

Sound and Vision

VR audio is powerful. While playing, you can detect any small amount of noise, whether up, down or sideways. This sound allows you to turn and hit your target.

Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless headset

Enjoy a wider degree of vision with this VR headset that offers full HD effects and subfixes that smoothen pictures making every detail as clear as possible. The refresh rate for this new design is very fast compared to the previous models. Note that the headset is very light and you will enjoy having it on for more hours, you can wear it while with your glasses. The quick release button on this headset allows you to get it on and off with ease.

Playing area

PlayStation Camera

Another excellent feature that has seen VR headset hit the headlines is the motion tracking effect. As a gamer, you will be able to use the PS camera to locate what’s ahead and behind you, making you respond rapidly. With this camera, you will always have a seamless experience.

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With the new release, your old games can now rest. You will have a chance to treat yourself with new titles that will add fun to your life.

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Using PSVR like “Adult”

Considering it’s performance Playstation VR Headset could have wider use, not just for a gaming. The porn industry is big world wide and now with VR support is getting even bigger.

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