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Project Morpheus is promising technology and dream of every serious gamer in the world, but Sony wouldn’t release when exactly it will be available. In the meantime we will keep you informed and updated with Sony Project Morpheus.

PlayStation VR 2 Review

Overview It is now about 7 Years later after Sony came out with the PlayStation VR virtual reality system back in 2016. Now comes the next generation of PSVR the PlayStation VR2 has just arrived for the new PlayStation 5 gaming console. I have to say I thought the launch price was a bit ...

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Is Redesigned

A couple of days ago, Sony announced its revamped PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset for a rejuvenating PSVR gaming experience. At just $99.99 retail price, the redesigned PlayStation Gold headset, which works with PlayStation VR headset is a great device for the Virtual Reality game players ...

How to watch Netflix in VR (for all leading devices)

Netflix is currently the leading site in online streaming, providing very entertaining shows and movies where members pay a monthly subscription fee. With the site having a wide audience it needs to keep up with any new trends in the entertainment industry. One of the ways the site has continued ...

How to watch adult VR on PlayStation VR [NSFW]

The VR technology is quickly gaining interest all over the world with major industries in entertainment getting into. Everyone is heading towards complete 3D entertainment viewing and the porn industry is not being left behind. Porn is a major industry and it would make total business sense for ...

Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless headset

The Sony's all new Platinum Wireless headset that was unmasked on their blog that targets the PlayStation VR, Playstation 4 and mobile users. This audio technology is compatible with the PlayStation VR headset but the manufacturer is finding ways of incorporating some elements into standard ...

Sony Released 3 Playstation VR Get Started Video Tutorials

The tech industry promised 2016 would be the year where consumer-ready virtual-reality devices hit the mainstream. With the launch of the PlayStation VR on Thursday in the US, all of the major brands have now played their hands. If you're like me, you grew up dreaming about this sort of technology. ...

Sony Project Morpheus Eye Tracking

When Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, or Sony’s PlayStation 4 Project Morpheus get to the market the whole new world will be opened for gamers. Playing games that give you a feeling like you are directly in the action is going to be huge novelty over the next few years. photo: cnet ...

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