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It is now about 7 Years later after Sony came out with the PlayStation VR virtual reality system back in 2016. Now comes the next generation of PSVR the PlayStation VR2 has just arrived for the new PlayStation 5 gaming console. I have to say I thought the launch price was a bit high. But The price may be due to it just coming out in bundles for sale, it seems hard to find and to me it seems a bit pricy than the Launch price of the PS4 VR1. But we have to consider 4K display and bundled hit titles. Also, placing itself between the lower cost Oculus Meta Quest 2 and the high-End computer PC virtual reality Headsets like the Vive Index. If you look at the price being mid-tier and you may already own the PS5 it’s not that bad of a price. You are getting the latest VR technology and a bright 4K OLED screen, Eye tracking, along with a ton of new games made for VR with updated graphic and performance improvements.

PSVR 2 is an excellent Mid-range to High-End VR Headset without needing to buy an expensive gaming computer.

PlayStation VR 2 Headset Specs:

  • Display: 4K OLED, 2,000 x 2,040 per eye
  • Refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • Sensors: full position tracking, 6-axis motion sensing system, IR camera, Advanced Hand controllers, 4K OLED IR LED
  • Feedback: Haptics on controllers and headset
  • Features: Eye tracking, adaptive triggers, 3D Virtual surround Audio
  • Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth 5.1No wires!
  • USB-C charging port
  • Room tracking without external sensors
  • Six degrees of freedom

Pricing range

VR headset Quick Pricing range comparison:
High-End (PC+VR) $2500-$3500
PC $1500+$500 Graphics Card +$1500 Valve Index Full VR Kit or HTC Vive Pro 2 Headset.
Mid-Range (PS5+VR2) $1000-$1300
PS5 Console $500 + $500 PlayStation VR2 = roughly around $1000
Lower-End (Oculus Meta Quest 2) $350-$450 VR system for $399 / £399 / AU$629.


The Play Station Virtual Reality Headset 2, will not require an expensive computer. The Hardware for the Graphics and performance on the PS5 Console with the new headset can actually beat some of the older much more expensive Computer+VR headsets solutions still on the market.

And you are getting the Very high-end graphics and processor performance in the PS5. Vs. The Quests 2 Phone based processors.

I still think the PS5 PSVR 2 is a bit more expensive than I had expected but a good value in comparison to a new PC computer setup, new headset and motion trackers. And you are getting a much higher preforming VR experience than the Quest and some other VR Headsets.

GraphicPSVR 2 design and comforts:

I think I liked the older strap better for easy on and off. But the overall design and feel of the new headset is much better though. I don’t like cheap ear buds but they are there and have 3D sournd sound, these are included and easy to manage. The PSVR 2 Connects via USB-C to the PS5. The cable feels a little weaker than I remember on the PSVR 1 and I don’t believe its detachable.

Yes, it’s not wireless like the Quest 2, but to move all those graphics and keep higher performance it need to be connected via the cable to PS5.

The newer headset has new accordion like side light dampers, this prevents a lot less outside light coming into the headset, compared to the previous model. This is also better for people who wear glasses to put less stress on the side of them than the previous headset that used to push in the side of your glasses.

There is a dial to adjust the lenses so that they are centered on your eyes. On the bottom, there are three buttons: one for power, one for accessing settings, and a function button that can trigger the see-through mode so you can get a glimpse of your outside the headset surroundings, this is done by a Black and White camera.

On the front of the headset, there are four cameras to track the headset and scan your surroundings. No more external camera to place around to try to get alignment. Gone to breakout box with extra cables running around everywhere.

The headset is overall comfortable, not overly heavy. It is a bit warmer on your forehead, but has a fan in there to prevent fogging or overheating. I didn’t really notice the fan or any noise.


The PSVR 2’s controllers (Sense Controller) are now like Many of the High-End VR controllers with a ring for finger and motion tracking. I was impressed by the controllers on the PSVR 2 the ring sits further back, you can tell they are well designed, looping around the wrist rather than sticking out at the ends of the controller like those of the Quest 2. 

On the top of each controller, there are PlayStation buttons, clickable thumb stick, and a small button for re-orienting the headset Similar to a PS controllers Buttons on the side of the controllers are used for the controllers’ grips used to squeeze and picking up objects like swords, guns, etc. similar to the other high-end controllers. Left and right triggers have the same adaptive sensory and feedback tech Just like the the Dual Sense controllers.

Build quality is really good on the controllers, with the thumb sticks and buttons offering tactile feel. The controllers are much more superior to the Quest’s controllers and the old Vives controllers.  And a big improvement over the older version’s magic wands. The old controllers always reminded me of an airport worker guiding in a plan to the runway with the two stick lights.

PSVR 2 display  

PSVR2. The higher resolution will also help prevent eye strain problems that can cause headaches and motion sickness for some people.

The PSVR 2 supports a 90Hz to 120Hz refresh rate display, like its predecessor. This helps prevent any motion sickness experienced with some VR headsets.

110-degree (FOV) field of view slightly greater than before. And the light dampers on the sides help keep the light out well to help prevent light distraction and keep you immersed in the VR environment.

PSVR 2 supports eye-tracking as part of the controls in the headset. This lets players better respond to react in games. Also allowing you to navigate menus by how you look at them. This tracking is also used in some games, to tell where you’re looking at or who you’re looking at in the game to provoke different responses and actions.

PSVR 2 setup  

Once up and running the PSVR 2 will then scan your room to determine the space you’ll have to move around in, even if seated. You can then edit the borders of your play space so you don’t bump into anything. The border system works well. If you stray outside of the play area boundary, See-Through View will automatically activate to show your real-world surroundings.


The bundled earbuds are ok, they seem kind of cheap. They deliver 3D audio and work with Sony’s 3d game surround. But I would upgrade to better headphones later on.


movement tracking was spot on with no lag or latency I could notice. Border system worked well even in my small game space.

The system was Incredibly fast and the graphics were superb. A giant leap over the Quest and even older PC headsets. No screen door effect of motion lag I could notice. Its defiantly a powerful VR system that can handle some intense graphics and whatever games you and put to it.

PS5 (sold separately) Click images to check prices on Amazon


One of the best things about the PS5+ PSVR 2 will be its games. Many PC games were ported from 2D version and made to handle differ levels of PC hardware. While the Games made for the PSVR2 are made from the ground up to work with and best preform on the PSVR 2 hardware. The feedback from the hand controllers to the headset and with the good Sony audio in 3D. It really was an impressive gaming experience
While the bundled game Call of the Mountain is a great full game. There are some really interesting and anticipated games come out I can’t wait to try.
I’m excited to see Gran Turismo 7 in VR. If you are a racing fan you have to check out the new Steering wheel accessory bundle that is out. When used with VR I’m sure it will be an incredible VR Experience.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – State of Play

Gran Turismo 7


If you already have a PlayStation 5, then this a great VR system for you and you should consider buying it if you can still find one at a good price.

If your new to VR, SPS, and not a high-end PC gamer or have a computer, go with the Quest.

If you’re a PC gamer and have a decent system/Graphics card then there are some interesting options out there. But I’m sure they will cost you more than the PS5 and PSVR2

If you have a PS5, love driving games or are moving up from the Quest 2 then this is the right choice for you next experience.

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