Black Box VR Brings Exercise into Virtual Reality

Black BOX VR is a type of gym that makes it a reality, though virtual, hitting of weights as a game. It’s based on the principle that human mind can be addicted to gaming as it triggers certain responsive habits.

Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, a former creative director with, are the co-founders of this revolutionary Black Box VR. Indeed, this virtual reality gym is made to promote instant feedback and gratification during a work-out sessions.

Regular exercise training tends to be monotonous and sometimes it can make target goals or intended results to never materialize. Hence, virtual reality can be a major shift in the gym industry. This concept is for a select few- who wants more out of life.

Black Box VR is not just any kind of reality gaming, it takes all the elements of fitness and puts them in a real gym setting for your use. In fact, you actually target specific muscles for weight and even for resistance exercises.

New Level of VR Fitness

You got to try working out at the some of the gyms in San Francisco, they can reveal to you the true meaning of a virtual reality gym. While in this virtual reality, you remain stationary, since the Black Box main work outs are resistance based instead of focusing on cardio. These gym workouts puts one at the center of a video game-like environment and allows them to encounter waves of enemies at same time wearing a headset. You will use a specialized machine for weight resistance and an HTC VR headset.

Moreover, you may even fail to realize that you have a VR headset on as it’s more real than ever. You will be working out virtually while profusely sweating on your head. It’s not that uncomfortable, with persistence exercise it becomes norm. Thanks to the face band on the headset, you will use it to wipe off and sanitize yourself just like other normal gym equipment.

We are witnessing similar and related virtual gyms though with different concepts. For instance, VirZoom bike is partnering with YMCA and Life Fitness nationwide in US to bring about
Holodia bikes and Icaros flying machines which also engages human tendencies to addictiveness.

It’s worthwhile to note that this full-body workout virtual reality gym is backed with scientific evidences which stipulates routines that brings out resistance training and intensified cardio-activities. You can choose to game with your experience, or engage a competitor in a thrilling play.

Black Box VR in your home

In words of one of the founders, if I may paraphrase, he says that this Black Box Virtual reality game brings out the real world in the virtual environment. He postulates that it causes you to have exact feeling like those in the physical gyms.

Finally, with expansion plans in the pipeline for Black Box VR virtual reality game in San Francisco bay, there are chances this gaming gym will have a nationwide acceptance and maybe in the
future flow even Worldwide. In fact, the founders of this virtual reality game hopes to bring this experience to each and every home, what a goal. In deed this is achievable.



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