PlayStation VR 2 Review

Overview It is now about 7 Years later after Sony came out with the PlayStation VR virtual reality system back in 2016. Now comes the next generation of PSVR the PlayStation VR2 has just arrived for the new PlayStation 5 gaming console. I have to say I thought the launch price was a bit ...

Virtual Reality Games You Should Definitely Play

Virtual reality gaming is where all the fun is right now. There are a lot of virtual reality gaming opportunities that you can find online right now aside from the fun at the casino such as casinous online casino. This article is going to be giving you some of the best virtual reality games ...

How VR Can Be Utilized Via Chromecast

People have been raving about the Google Chromecast ever since it came out. It seemed like an unassuming little device at first, which could be used for streaming from your phone. Since then, it has largely evolved into a lot more than that. The whole reason Chromecast is so popular is because of ...

Yi Halo is the favorite camera for VR filmmakers

VR technology is taking over the entertainment industry. The success or failure of this technology depends on how unique and quality it is. This is why VR filmmakers consider which camera they use to deliver a better video quality. The 360 degree experience should be made in such a way that the ...

Satoshipowered.ai combines Blockchain gaming and Virtual Reality

Virtual gaming has become very popular in today’s world. We enjoy sitting down and enjoying the 3 dimensional effect of a game. It gives the fulfillment that it’s not just a game but a game where our involvement is vital. Well in this world of technology things keep getting better. Imagine a ...

Hero Vision AR Iron Man Helmet – Who Wants to Be a Superhero

Apparently not every kid wants a pony these days. Now kids are evolving as their dreams and needs do, you might be surprised by how many kids want to be a superhero if not all. It is completely reasonable for kids to build their dreams depending on what they watch read and listen and nothing is ...

VR headsets 3D