HTC Vive Tracker can Turn Anything Into a VR Controller

HTC Vive tracker is a wireless product that is made purposely for attaching to anything and tracking it in the virtual world to give you an extremely incredible experience especially in gaming. HTC is the company responsible for making and implementing this technology.

Features and capabilities

The wireless feature enables it to be a standalone tracking module that can be used diversely in the gaming world. Think of the various sports we play with paddles, sticks, bats and so on; like golf, baseball, tennis, ping pong, etc. Now imagine the experience of being able to play these sports in a virtual reality. That’s the great deal behind the new HTC Vive Tracker.

The HTC Vive Tracker is meant to be an add-on for HTC’s high-end Vive VR systems. The tracker exposes a wide range of the modern virtual reality experiences, enabling the developers to build more exciting games where, for example on a baseball game, you can make a more accurate and actual swing on your bat compared to the standard bulky vive controller. The tracker being a relatively new gadget we expect more implementations of it in the VR experiences.

What excites a lot of people in this tracker is the ability to hold objects in gaming that feels exactly like the VR version looks. Meaning that the rifles and pistols with the tracker attached become real in VR. It feels more real holding and switching the weapons and thus the gaming experience.

Technology used

Having discussed its features, let us now look at the technology behind it. The Vive tracker uses the SteamVR Tracking Technology. This technology is still the one used on the Vive controllers and headset and has the same accuracy. The tracker has an integrated battery, a standard mounting screw, and a micro USB port. The micro USB port makes it possible for third-parties to send data to the host computer about their accessories. Like we had said earlier, the tracker has its own wireless connection to the computer.


In order for the unit to fit a wide range of uses, the tracker is fitted with more than 20 tracking points. The HTC Vive tracker can be integrated with a wide range of third-party products from bats to gloves to guns and also a firehouse simulator from partners who collaborated with HTC to make their accessories operate with the tracker.


When we consider the pricing, the HTC Vive Tracker has not yet been priced. Thinking of the Vive controllers, we can guess the tracker will range from the same price $ 130 or slightly higher.

HTC Vive Tracker Release date

We can consider the HTC Vive tracker as the latest technology since it was released this year. The Tracker will be available to buy in Q2 this year.


From the discussion above, the HTC Vive Tracker is a jaw falling accessory that helps you unleash your imagination in the gaming world. You will absolutely feel a big difference gaming with a third party with this tracker attached. If you demand the ultimate gaming experience that will make you go crazy, the HTC Vive Tracker is the way to go.

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