Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset Revealed

If you have a Windows machine, you can now enjoy Virtual Reality thanks to the newly revealed Lenovo VR headset. The VR headset allows you to enjoy room-scale VR entertainment on the cheap. It has been engineered to accurate specifications thus ensuring that users will be able to view content in VR in an effortless manner.

Lenovo’s VR has an adjustable build which happens to be quite light as well as being light on the forehead when you wear it thus eliminating the fatigue that often comes with lengthy usage of other similar headsets. It is relatively light and can fit quite comfortably thus giving you an unobtrusive viewing or gaming experience. It all but disappears when you turn it on hence giving you a truly memorable experience.

In terms of resolution, this virtual reality headset allows you to view videos, games and more at an absolutely clear definition. With it, you are able to enjoy hours of gaming, movies, and other immersive experience simply by plugging in your windows based machine and running the app that has got the content that you need. In the past, enjoying virtual reality on the windows platform was only possible through web-based platforms but a native experience was not yet possible. Thanks to Lenovo, this is now possible for all your entertainment needs and movies will be much more interesting especially when you are able to view them on a room-sized screen.


Virtual reality is fast catching up with the masses and now with a light, flexible headset, you too can enjoy countless shows for hours without having to adjust anything or even move an inch. Holographic experiences are quite adventurous as you can view the expanse of the universe at a scale that is less than that of your house thus giving you the ability to enjoy more in-depth entertainment in your home without skimping out on the details. Be it a movie, action game or the latest statistics from your boss, simply plugging in can save you lots of hours as well as getting you to the apex of your productivity.

VR headsets are fast on the rise and with their introduction comes a whole bunch of apps, games, and programs that you can enjoy in the privacy of your headset. Lenovo has really done a good job this time by thinning down on the headset thus giving you an almost weightless virtual reality experience which frees you up to enjoy the tons of fun that come with the new innovation.

Stay with us as there is more VR news coming from CES 2017.

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