Mr. Robot VR Experience Now Available on Various VR Platforms

The Mr. Robot VR Experience is of the virtual reality experiences in 2016 that originates from Mr. Robot TV. The original show appeared for the first time on the 21st of July 2016 through the Within App. Those who missed the experience during that time now have a chance of watching it after it being freely released. It is now available to the fans on various VR platforms including Facebook 360, Within App on Samsung products and Oculus Rift, New York Times VR and on YouTube 360.

The Mr. Robot VR Experience is a 12-minute production that was written by Sam Esmail. He also served as the director for the experience. The scripting was done by Patrick Milling and Chris Milk’s Here Be Dragons Company in conjunction with the Universal Cable Productions Company. The experience gives a glimpse of the backstory of the lead character for the show, Elliot Alderson.

Download MR. Robot VR

Alexandra Shapiro of the Marketing & Digital Entertainment Networks, NBC Universal Cable Entertainments stated that the Mr. Robot fans needed a series that they could immerse themselves in rather than just consume. He stated that this particular Mr. Robot VR Experience gives the fans an opportunity to plot the series by delving into the characters. He added that this was also another means they have used to tell the storied in a new and bold way.


The Executive Producer for Here Be Dragons, Sam Storr, describes the experience as uncharted waters for Virtual Reality. He describes it as not only a beloved show but one which portrays meaning from any angle a fan looked from. He further stated that they had to bring a mind-blowing idea and Sam brought forth that creative approach angle. Together with the NBCU team, they made that idea flourish by going an extra mile. He thinks that the film is amazing, “…a huge flag planted in unexploited narrative territory.”


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