Ready Player One New Trailer Released

The newest trailer for Ready Player One shows the conflict that is happening inside the VR world called The Oasis. The film adaption of the novel by Ernest Cline is shaping up to be a visual delight. Many book fans who previously read the original novel started to notice the differences in the ...

Robert Rodriguez Makes VR Debut with ‘The Limit’

As virtual reality continues to grow and take the world by storm, Robert Rodriguez is set to join the bandwagon with a brand new VR action series entitled The Limit. Rodriguez’s past products include the beloved Spy Kids movie franchise, Sin City, Ugly Dolls, and Planet Terror, so it’s not a ...

Elton John Final Tour Announced With VR Video

Global music phenomenon Elton John is set to finish his musical career. What better way to leave on a high note than with a virtual reality announcement. Music legend Elton John took to YouTube an announced his Farewell Yellow Brick Tour, which will actually take three years to complete. While the ...

Most popular VR videos you MUST watch

When it comes to VR most of us usually think about video games with imaginative characters and simulated environment. However, its application isn't just limited to the gaming industry. These days, this interesting technology is widely used to provide exciting and emotional feelings that viewers ...

VR videos download is Dead | Google Launches YouTube VR for PC

There is no need to download VR videos as now you can enjoy streaming videos via Youtube VR app for PC. Originally it is published for HTC Vive gut it works with Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets. The Google owned service, Youtube, is arguably the most popular video sharing website all over the ...

Speed Kills VR feature film starring John Travolta

Speed Kills VR starring John Travolta announced: Marking the beginning of a new era in Hollywood We were all wandering about the future of movies with the advent of VR (Virtual Reality)! and the upcoming flick Speed Kills VR will put an end to our curiosity and mark the beginning of a new era in ...

How to watch Netflix in VR (for all leading devices)

Netflix is currently the leading site in online streaming, providing very entertaining shows and movies where members pay a monthly subscription fee. With the site having a wide audience it needs to keep up with any new trends in the entertainment industry. One of the ways the site has continued ...

How to watch movies in VR – Best VR movies Apps

Entertainment is changing every single day and technology is playing big part in it. The latest trend has been the introduction of VR into watching movies giving cinemas a run for their money. People are now discovering how interesting it is on VR movies. If you do not have a theater at home or ...

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