PVR IRIS REVIEW – VR Headset just for Adult content

In Depth review of the PVR IRIS. The PVR IRIS is a standalone headset designed just for viewing adult content in Ultra High Resolution.

This Virtual reality headset is a stand-alone self-contained unit, this means the hardware is built in, no cables, no computer or phone strapped to your head on this device, similar to the new Oculus go. But what sets this unit apart is the Ultra High Resolution, it is very lightweight and the fact that it’s designed especially from the ground up for viewing VR adult entertainment. This unit offers more than 1.5X higher resolution compared to other competitors and up to 6K 60Mpbs H.265 VR video decoding.

PVR has also has partnered up with adult star Ela Darling who is their Chief Marketing Officer. You know having her onboard they are serious about providing a great adult VR experience. She also guides you through operating the headset and I believe a video of her in action is included with the unit.

Content:  Free movies and a 1-year subscription to PVR.fun included with purchase.

Included with the IRIS VR headset are Adult videos pre-loaded on to the memory card and once you link it online to a www.PVR.fun account, members receive over 500 minutes for Free and 1 free Adult video per. Week! The Free subscription is included with the purchase of the headset and gives you one year of new content from all the top Adult VR Studios out there. They guarantee that you will be immersed, aroused and amazed!

PVR.fun has a large and growing library of over 1000 titles from popular Virtual Reality studios such as:

HologirlsVR, BurningAngelVR, LezVR, Virtual Sexology, BadoinkVR, VRCosplayX, 18VR, BabeVR, Vr3000, VirtualRealPassion, and more. Many of the sites now have 4K and even 6K Adult Content.



The headset was very easy to set up. Insert micro-SD Sim card in the unit, turn it on and your off and running. You will need to charge it but the unit can still be operated while charging. Then you want to connect via WIFI and link the unit to your pvr.fun account, you will need to set up an account to get access to all the free content and the large library of available movies for purchase. But right away you get movies included on the headset, free movies via your account and a free movie each week on pvr.fun.com

It was a nice touch to be automatically guided by beautiful Ela Darling through the setup process and how to operate the unit. There is an icon to watch her explain how to use the unit if you need a reminder. I found this a helpful and found myself going back to it for a quick refresher on the operation of the unit.


Navigation on the unit is a bit different because there is no handheld controller (Keeping your hands free for other things) you use moving your head around for navigation of the pointer centered to where your looking. A few side buttons to confirm and go back. And one button for re-orientation, this comes in handy if what your view is up to high or to low. It also kind of lets you change your height view angle, letting you move around the view a bit. And yes, you can pause, skip and rewind video playback just by moving your head and clicking the confirm button on the side of the unit.

The main menu lets you pick from My Library, Downloaded, SD Card and the store full of content. MY library being access to pvr.fun and all its content. Downloaded being movies you downloaded. I did find you can download in the background while accessing other content. But I didn’t find a way to pause the download only stop and delete the download. I did like you can cue up a few movies, let the unit charge and come back for viewing once downloaded. And the SD Card menu button being direct playback access to the SD Card.

Tech Specs.

Display Screen: TFT 5.5 inch display screen; Resolution: 2560*1440*3

Optical Lens: 101° FOV Fresnel optic lense; Pupil distance auto adjustment

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1; Wifi b/g/n/ac 2.4G/5G dual frequency

Memory Storage: 16G internal flash memory, External MicroSD card with exFAT format (max 128G) is supported

Battery: Lithium, 3000mAh, 3.7V

Weight: 11.8 Ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Great display
  • Very Easy Setup
  • Hands-free
  • Free Adult content included


  • While there is a confirm I am 18 and a disclaimer, There is no parental lock
  • I wish they included a 4K video with the unit. But I did download one for free
  • Manually downloaded videos have to be converted
  • No pause during download


I think this headset could come in handy if you travel a lot or don’t want adult content on your computer. Maybe you don’t want to put adult content on your phone, work computer, or browser history. Or maybe you just don’t want to lug a laptop or tablet with you at all. Just take this lightweight VR headset with you on your next trip to keep you company. 

The images look incredible, very clear like they are right there. Found myself offering out some virtual kisses to lips right in front of me. The clarity is great, the headset is very lightweight and comfortable.

If you like Adult VR content, want to immerse yourself in Adult VR for the first time, or you just want to Blow your friends mind with letting them take a peek at what the future of Adult content will be, this VR Headset is worth taking a look at!

Buy direct from: PVRMALL.com

Buy it on AMAZON: HERE

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