How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive – Supersampling Tweak

htc vive supersampling tweak

Do you want to substantially enhance the quality of an image while it is immersed in the HTC Vive? Then here are details of a brand new tweak, which lets you engage supersampling in compatible games and SteamVR with the final differences admirable provided your system is capable of handling it.

SteamVR users have discovered a way for individuals with power PCs to take advantage of their extra horsepower. The outcome is visuals in VR, which appear crisper.

The tweak adjusts your settings in order to render VR imagery at higher resolution compared to what is needed. Later, the image is reduced back down to the size needed by the headset with added supersampling to the image.

We found 2 version so try which one suites you.

Version 1

Open your Steam’s install folder. This will vary depending on where you put Steam when first installing – ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam’.

Open the ‘Config’ directory and open the ‘steamvr.settings’ file using Notepad or your chosen text editor.

You’ll be confronted by a scary looking JSON config file, but don’t worry, you’re interested only in the section towards the bottom labelled “steamvr”.

You then need to add the following line to the end of that section:
“renderTargetMultiplier”: 2.5
Add a comma (,) to the end of the line immediately before the new line you just added.

Once you’re done, your config file should look something like this (note, your pre-existing lines may not be identical to what’s seen here):


Save the file and start your favourite VR experience.

source: roadtovr

Version 2

Open your Steam folder. It is probably in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam

Find the steamvr.vrsettings file, open it in a text editor

Find the “steamvr” section in the text file, and on the “background” line in that section add a bit of text at the end so it looks like the following: “C:\Program Files (x86)\ViveSetup\Updater\viveNight.png”, “renderTargetMultiplier”: 2 },

Below is a screenshot of how the line should look. There’s different text in the beginning of the line below. What matters about matching with your own setup is what comes after “.png”:


source: uploadvr

Note that based on GPUs power, it may be necessary that you minimize the multiplier from 2.5 to something lower reducing by one increments to end up with a sweet spot. Feel free to try out max 2.5 if you are running GPX 1080, which is NVIDIA’s latest VR-optimized chip.

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How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive – Supersampling Tweak
How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive – Supersampling Tweak


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