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Social games for upcoming Project Morpheus

The virtual world in the future will play great roll in our lives replacing reality, but social life of individuals could be improved by social virtual reality games. According to Sony, its in-house London Studio is preparing social Sony Morpheus Games performances for the PlayStation 4’s VR headset.

The Director of Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio, Dave Ranyard in an interview for Digital Spy said that in the past this studio had created plenty of social games. He pointed out that having that social screen is of the big importance to the Sony, and it gives a set of a possibilities.
” We’ve been doing lots of companion apps as well—you can interact, you can see what they’re seeing—you can imagine that with a haunted house, and you can totally see it—the payoff is brilliant.” – said Ranyard.
According to him the two demos used to test Morpheus device and impress the audience, Street Luge and The Deep , seem to be really staggering observation of new virtual reality world. In spite of being catchy and amusing, its not known yet will these demos be adapted to a full games.
It’s also unknown when will be released commercial version of Project Morpheus. The one that is on now is prototype only available to the game developers. Dave Ranyard and his team are happy with their progress so far, and are hoping that they will attract more audience than the people that are attending promotions.
The consumer model of Project Morpheus is about 85% done, and there is few more things to do so it could be released, it’s confirmed by PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida.

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