Steam Unveils First VR Weekend Sale

Steam, heralded as the ultimate gaming platform that allows you to connect, create and play with the globe, has officially launched its first VR Weekend Sale. And get this, that’s not the crazy part either. It’s no secret that Steam currently holds the monopoly on VR gaming, so when they claim a sale, you’d be crazy not to spend now and save in the long run.

With best-selling games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Zombie Training Simulator and Final Approach, we expect a normal 5 or 10 % discount but, and here where it gets crazy, some of these games are up to 50 % off their original price with many more waiting to be snatched up.

Those of you with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, not only receive huge discounts on VR games but this also includes a monstrous gaming-bundle consisting of 20 titles at a 30 % discount. That’s like Christmas and your birthday rolled in one!

Steam VR Weekend Sale

Guys and girls, we have heard your opinions and complaints regarding the expenses concerning VR gaming but let’s think about it. When the Playstation came out all those years ago, their games were pretty expensive too. This was not your handheld gaming system that cost $10 but a system that cost a few hundred dollars excluding the actual games. But we made do because we loved it. Now we have a groundbreaking system that takes you into the game in ways we only dreamed off, realistically outside of a computer lab, these experiences are almost unheard of.

HTC Vive Bundle on Steam VR Weekend Sale

Steam not only gives you access to the system on a global scale (I’ve been trying out a few free experiences and found myself hooked!) but we have a massive sale at our disposal… These games are excellently priced, especially during the teething phase. From 181 discounted titles, the VR Weekend Sale special contains 20 Vive titles discounted by 30 % thus saving you $111 – an amazing deal at $257.

The system is aware of you, the gamer; games you already own from the special package are excluded, which is something I’m sure many of you appreciate. Nothing more irritating than buying a package containing 10 titles and finding out you already had a few of those titles!

Games wait for no man and, with crazy VR Weekend Sale, the proverbial shelves will soon contain nothing but dust!

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