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CAFFEINE – frightening adventure

Game Caffeine will bring unusual combination of adventure, riddles and scary moments to the Oculus Rift Games players.
The game is made as a first person psychological horror, whose story is placed in not- so-far future on Earth. World’s population became strongly addicted to coffee. Consequently large companies set their massive space stations to go from star to star in order to dig minerals to produce a synthetic caffeine.
At the beginning of the game player finds himself at one of this huge stations for mining caffeine all alone. After few moments it becomes clear that the player is a young boy without any remembrance of what has occurred on this, as it seems, abandoned station.
Of course, game continues with exploration of the deepest part of this large construction, to find out what is going on.
Caffeine holds very high visual accuracy thanks to the the strength of Unreal Engine 4 that is utilized in development.
The game is mainly concentrate to on psychological horror and myths, alongside with exploratory puzzle. Accordingly, caffeine carries three leading gameplay aspects:
Horror – The fact that you are all alone at enigmatically deserted space station,and not knowing what is out there sends chill down your spine.
Lore – Walking through an office or quarters you can find notes, audio record, whiteboards etc. that provide background information about each character, so place feels like somebody live there.
Puzzles – In order to make progress in the game you have to solve interesting environmental and memory based puzzles.
This game is supported by PS4 Support, Windows, Linux and Mac, Oculus Rift, and there is also 4K resolution and Controller support. Caffeine release is planned for the first half of 2015.


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