How to watch Netflix in VR (for all leading devices)

Netflix is currently the leading site in online streaming, providing very entertaining shows and movies where members pay a monthly subscription fee. With the site having a wide audience it needs to keep up with any new trends in the entertainment industry. One of the ways the site has continued with giving excellent services is by launching Netflix VR.

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This a great move since VR technology is one of the best ways to watch your movies and shows at the moment. By making the experience so real is so much interesting than the normal 2D viewing. Hence Netflix has ensured it is ahead in giving its customers a better experience. There are different ways to watch Netflix VR, below is review for some of the most common VR headsets.

Netflix on Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is one of the headsets that are compatible with Netflix. You will get a 480p resolution when viewing with the option of subtitles depending on watch you are watching.

The process of connecting your Netflix account to the Gear VR involves the following process. First go to your Oculus home screen and select Netflix then follow the instructions to complete installation.

After the Netflix app will launch you, now have to sign in to your account. And now you can enjoy Netflix in VR mode. To sign out go to the Netflix home screen, select setting option or the Gear icon. Choose sign out and click yes to confirm.

Netflix on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is one of the most common headsets used. With Netflix being compatible with it is a great step that will enable a lot of people have access to Netflix VR. The cinematic mode on the headset is a great feature that allows one to play non-VR games in virtual reality while also getting the movies and shows in the best VR quality.

Netflix VR on Oculus Rift

It is a very simple way to enable you get Netflix VR. First you have to install virtual desktop on your computer. Now it gets easy to watch Netflix within the the virtual desktop.

This process requires you to go to a browser and open the Netflix site. Make it into a full screen by pressing F11 or using the full screen option on Netflix. You have the option to change the background to your preferred taste.

Netflix on HTC Vive

Netflix has no yet released an app that is compatible with HTC Vive however there is a way around it. This is by using the virtual reality app (Virtual Desktop or BigScreen), though this reduces the quality of viewing. After installing the VR app, open Netflix within the web browser. Sign in to your account and get to enjoy the VR experience.

Netflix on Google Cardboard

First you all you need is to install the Trinus app on your PC and phone. Trinus is an app that mirrors what is on your PC to your phone. If your using Wi-Fi make sure the phone and computer working on the same network.

You will need to input the ip address on your PC. The address will be displayed in an icon on your phone. Then click to start on your computer and phone they will now be working on the same server. You will see the Trinus app on your PC displayed on the phone.

On your computer open Netflix on a window and wait for it to show on the phone. Look for the movie or show you want to watch and start it. All that is left is to get on your headset and get your Netflix in and enjoy.

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Step forward

VR has taken over with most people preferring it as opposed to watching in the normal 2D. This is surely a good step in the advancement of entertainment. With Netflix getting into VR shows how the future is bright for the technology. More streaming sites should take up the challenge and get into it.

As more people demand the use of VR it looks like this will overtake the normal way of viewing. However, Netflix has to improve in some areas by creating apps that are compatible with more headsets than the currently available options.

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