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Crytek’s Back To Dinosaur Island Oculus Rift Demo

Among many works in virtual reality (VR) that were shown at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015 also were presented demo Back to Dinosaur Island by Crytek. This content is running on Crytek’s CryEngine 3 kit combined with Oculus VR’s Crescent Bay VR headset. These days Crytek has also published a new video showing Dinosaur Island demo, including the reactions from GDC participants and several very short scenes of gameplay.


This content is created to be used with the full Crescent Bay headset and it can scare you largely. The demo is not just a presentation of the creative content but also a show off of Crytek’s most recent CryEngine gaming toolset. The Back to Dinosaur Island is both realistic and amazingly beautiful placing you in front of a T-Rex and showing you how it looks like in the Cretaceous Period.

When you first run demo you will find yourself facing the T-rex staring at you. This is the moment where you can get really scared; feeling like the T-rex will bite your head off. Naturally that won’t happen. Instead, the dino just roars several times, and then run off into the jungle.


As you have a staring moment with the T-rex you can tilt your head and see the animal moving its head as you do. And this could be the most amazing thing about this content. Some Nvidia hardware is used to run this demo and help it to look highly realistic and breathtaking. Yet there were some troubles with the Rift. The headset can be uncomfortable to wear over the glasses. Some of the attendees that have tried this demo running on the Oculus noticed a crack of light at the bottom.


Latest Crescent Bay headset is a great improvement comparing to the first Rift DK but there is still a few things that need improvement.

Crescent Bay VR Headset

According to some announcements the consumer version should be a big leap and this is the news that will make many future users happy. Hopefully, the optics will be also improved so it could be adjusted to the level where consumers won’t have to wear their glasses. We can’t expect all the issues to be fixed at the first set of released consumer devices but surely Oculus will eventually provide users highly realistic virtual worlds.

Back to Dinosaur Island is just one of CryTek’s content shown on GCD 2015. Participants also had the opportunity to try Crysis 3 on Android which will be coming to NVIDIA SHIELD. This will happen during this year with the release of the Android TV.


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