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Dying Light preparing for Oculus Rift

Designers from Techland revealed that its Oculus Rift game Dying Light will get a new version compatible with the device but it will be ready for users at the same time the headset is formally released.


According to head designer Maciej Binkowski VR potential of the game should satisfy specifications on both the Xbox One and PS4, and when that is accomplished it could be perfectly supported and used with the zombie apocalypse title.


Binkowski also stated that there are a lot of demands that the game must fulfill to be released on Xbox platforms for example. For certain so there’s going to be so much similar requirements, for a game to be officially supported by Oculus.

“There’s still a lot of technical difficulties, but we’re working on it, and I’m really looking forward to playing Dying Light officially on this thing.” said Binkowski.

Dying Light is a first-person horror game including a lot of action. It is placed in an enormous and dangerous open world.

The story is about main character that during the day goes around urban habitat meeting a numerous maleficent creatures, looking for supplies and manufacturing weapons to fight against the infected population. When it gets dark infected become threatening and more dangerous. The scariest ones are the predators which only get out after sunset. Player’s main goal is to survive until the dawn.


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