Microsoft announces Windows 10 VR headset

Microsoft has upped the ante by releasing Windows 10 VR headset and it is set to lock horns with Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

They have made an official announcement and is set to launch it with the new Windows 10 creators update. It is said to target a larger section of buyers and will be priced at $299, by far the cheapest as compared to its contemporaries.

The new VR headset comes with inside-out tracking sensors which will discard the use of the separate room. No light has been shed on how the headsets are going to work but the headsets will be powered by the six-degree-of-freedom technology. Terry Myerson has made it clear that it will be different from any other VR available in the market, although the technology used in here has drawn similarities to the Oculus’s Santa Cruz Prototype.

The price factor has already caught the attention of potential buyers and $300 starting price can set the market ablaze and shift the momentum on Microsoft’s side. The current version of Oculus and Vive are priced around $750-850, so a $500 bridge will certainly make people think twice before opting for other competitors of Microsoft. It has been made clear that the product will be of standard quality.


Microsoft has had an intimate working relationship with HoloLens and the Windows 10 VR headset might bore few similarities with it. The sensors needed to read hand gestures will be installed just like the ones used in HoloLens.

It is expected that the low price will attract startups which require the use of VRs in bulk quantities, though the compatibility still remains under ashadow.

Windows 10 VR headset release date

People have shown great interest in this and are expecting quality performance. It is still unclear whether all versions of OS are compatible or few selected ones. It will be released during the mid-quarter of 2017 and the base price might experience a little shift due to technical modifications.

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