NVIDIA Announced VRWorks 360, Real Time VR Post-Production Tool

If you are a filmmaker or a content creator, brace yourself because a great news is coming your way. NVIDIA has just announced that they are launching the new VRWorks 360 Video SDK. This products has been reported to allow content creators and filmmakers to capture, stitch and stream videos and virtual reality contents instantly. This is certainly a good news not only to filmmakers and content creators, but also to anyone who is inclined in the world of 360 films and videos which is expanding tremendously these days. Indeed, NVIDIA has once again proved its dedication when it comes to the innovation of virtual reality technology through a variety of its products and services.

The quality of filming 360-degree video, basically the shooting and stitching of different footages from several cameras and angles is where the challenge comes from, when it comes to the process of editing. The stability of the connection between the captures, visible layers and the distorting on the edges as well as the incompatible colors and exposure through different cameras can potentially produce unrealistic and improbable viewing experience. The streaming process, as well as the stitching can take tremendous amount of time before it is finished, which is subjected to the length and the kind of the content of the footage.

This is basically what NVIDIA is aiming to address with the launch of its new product. The company has declared that they intend to provide a way to control GPU power with a vision to hasten the editing and assembly process. VRWorks 360, when used with its newest Quadro graphics cards, allows the filmmakers and content creators to capture video footages from up to 32 cameras and have them stitched into one 360 degree video instantly. The SDK does the adjustment, equalization, stitching, as well as video encoding in high performance producing high quality output.

Masaki Miyanohara has also spoken about this latest innovation, stating that “capturing and stitching 360 video is time consuming and computationally demanding.” Miyanohara is the current CTO of STRIVR. According to him, VRWorks 360 Video SDK will aid in the acceleration of the STRIVR workflows, providing high quality videos instantly.

VRWorks 360 video software development kit

NVIDIA also declared that product demonstrations will be done in the Siggraph show in Anaheim California. The demo showcases how the VRWorks 360 works in stitching the videos coming from a 4k camera rig instantly with near unnoticeable latency. Siggraph will be shown from the 24th until the 28th of July this year.

There is no announcement yet on the exact date the SDK will be released publicly, but NVIDIA has stated that it will be made available in the market later this year, so that the virtual reality developers, filmmakers and content creators can already take advantage of it. Content creators, filmmakers and anyone interested are already advised to register on the developer page of VRWorks so that you can get the real time notification once the SDK can already be downloaded.

Indeed a lot of innovations and are happening to the world of technology. This marks another impressive technological enhancement ever made in the history of technology.

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