combines Blockchain gaming and Virtual Reality

Virtual gaming has become very popular in today’s world. We enjoy sitting down and enjoying the 3 dimensional effect of a game. It gives the fulfillment that it’s not just a game but a game where our involvement is vital. Well in this world of technology things keep getting better. Imagine a situation where all this fun experiences will generate real bucks to you. That is exactly what has been working on. is a VR game developer who has been conducting a major research to find out if crypto gaming is possible. In a world where cryptocurrency is taking leads in all financial markets this seems as a good idea. Are you are virtual game producer? If yes, is getting you new ways of selling your VR games to your clients and giving them complete freedom of enjoying the game.

Do you own a block chain etherium wallet and love gaming? Do you have video gaming friends that you’ve interacted through COLLADA (collaborative design activity)? has discovered a way where you and your friends can buy your games of choice using your crypto wallets. This purchase will give you the buyer complete ownership of your game. Interesting right? True ownership of your digital goods mean; no one can take away your ownership. Even the game developer. When you purchase it, it becomes completely yours.

Satoshipowered is making everything better for you. By crypto gaming you will be able to sell your purchased game to other players without consulting your developer. This means you get a few coins and at the same time help the developer sell the game. This in return will make the digital economy grow steadily. Very rewarding.

You probably wondering why chose the blockchain? They simply want a game developer to give you the best security from fraudsters. This will ensure trust between the developer and the game players. It as well ensures that you only get what you purchased for. This trust will lead to many sells of the game as consumers feel safe in the market. With the demand increase from more gamers we all expect inflation and this time it will not be because of fraudsters.

What is doing is simplifying the crypto gaming economy. It will provide tools to developers, players and traders to the foundation of a peer to peer metarverse. Its unique expertise when combined with that of game and blockchain establishes new monetization models. It has already partnered with some game developers to tokenize their game as a service model with plans to add more developers.

Whether you are a video game developer, a gamer or a trader in the crypto economy. Its growth in one way or another affects you. has created an environment for you that is safe secure and fun. It as well gives you the whole benefits of virtual reality.

This will lead to more sales of digital goods as the demand will keep going up with every waking day. All thanks to and block chain. Everyone loves absolute ownership of anything they purchase. With giving them just that all they will be doing is buying new digital goods every day. Yes, is the long awaited solution for digital crypto economy.

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