TMIN VR video player with gesture controls

The futuristic development of virtual reality has broken all technological boundaries bringing us new and amazing technologies. The virtual reality format is becoming more popular by the day leading to the development of video players to support them. If you are interested in the realistic experience from virtual reality, you should be ecstatic about the TMIN VR video player.

Currently new to the industry, the TMIN VR video player which is founded on Virtual Reality aims to create interfaces that will give its users the ability to control the virtual environment by simply using common hand gestures. The video player will be used for watching YouTube clips, streams, movies and other different videos.

Rather than always worrying about lost sticks and gamepads, the users will get to enjoy the benefits that the new development has to offer. The primary goal of the developers is to create the best virtual video player that may be used to watch content on large screens such as the cinema.

Key features

Analyzing its features, the TMIN VR video player comprises of subtitles and gesture control. Additionally, it will have the capability of supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The video player is going to support the Leap Motion hand tracking systems. On wards, it is going to utilize gloves that have sensors.

There has been significant progress in the development of the TMIN VR video player. It can run video files in various formats. With the help of common gestures, the user can rewind the video or change the list of files and folders. It has the ability of browsing network resources as well as the local file system. You can easily manipulate the size of the screen. It can easily show content from the network drives and the hard drive while giving it the ability to navigate through the files system.

The team involved in its development is currently working on the prototype. It will be presented to the audience as soon as possible to help create awareness for the indegogo campaign. The campaign will assist the team to accelerate the development process as it is in its early stages. If you intend to support the TMIN VR video player, the development team is willing to offer a significant discount to early supporters. After the project is a success, the video player will be retailed at a low price. The TMIN VR video player release is going to impact the market by its record-breaking features.

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