VR videos download is Dead | Google Launches YouTube VR for PC

There is no need to download VR videos as now you can enjoy streaming videos via Youtube VR app for PC. Originally it is published for HTC Vive gut it works with Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets.

The Google owned service, Youtube, is arguably the most popular video sharing website all over the Web and the second most Visited website according to Alexa. As the largest and most visited video library, many people have been patiently waiting to be able to watch Youtube content in VR. It seemed that the company had hung onto YouTube for itself as a strategic move, launching the first and official YouTube VR app for Daydream platform.

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Youtube VR brings 360 VR Videos to Vive, Rift, and Windows VR

PlayStation VR was notably the first tethered VR headset that was able to see an official YouTube VR app. Luckily, it seems that Google was waiting towards the end of the year to bring the YouTube VR to Vive, Rift, and finally Windows VR via Steam. Currently, the app is very free and Google says it will still remain free to allow more users to watch any video on Youtube. If you are a Vive and Rift user and interested in watching some of the very fascinating 360 video content available out there, you know how frustrating it has been as you either need to download a bespoke app for each and every video or use an unofficial workaround. Apart from these two options you were unable to access all these content.

Being one of the major provider of 360 video libraries worldwide, the YouTube VR app on PC is a major breakthrough as this will mean more and more access to the 360 content across headsets. Even though the Gear VR seems to be still left over, with this official YouTube VR app at least many users will be able to access and watch their favorite content from YouTube through the headset’s web browser.

Since the company is ahead both in terms of web and mobile, it has also embarked on a mission to launch a large number of desktop applications. A move that is aimed at forging a path as a pioneer in VR. Despite the company being also much involved in the progress of the WebVR, it’s move to launch the YouTube VR on Steam shows that it has felt that the irregular WebVR is still not yet mature enough to provide the exact experience that they were looking for.

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Although it has taken a while for the company to finally unveil the YouTube VR for PC, the final result was predictable. The company may have kept their motivations secret but it seems that it’s aim had been to make its content more available to a larger number of people. Since there has been a growing need to equip creators with the required skills to shoot 360 content, such as the Jump Start Program, this has been a clever and commendable move.

Up to now only a small number of people have reported having issues with the Youtube VR such as it crashing from time to time. However, the development team has reacted to this and is looking into the issue. Considering that the app is free, I am sure there’s no reason not to try it out.

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